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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do you want to make an Angel Shrine Doll?!!

To be honest when I saw the post about a workshop for an angel shrine doll on Woodstown Whimsies I thought I must have been reading it all wrongly because the wording was making it sound like the workshop was going to be no!!!!! All to make a gorgeous paperclay doll on an altered shrine, with full instructions on video to boot!
While keeping my excitement down, I continued to read and then after visiting the new blogsite and  reading comments by a couple of other readers, I realised that it was in fact FREE!!

Cloth and Clay Doll Makers
I would normally find it hard to afford these sort of workshops/tutorials and I was so excited and amazed at the generosity that Daryle was showing.
So I just had to share it all with you and if you're interested in learning how to make one of these gorgeously whimsical pieces you know where to go now!
I came to know about Daryle Cook through his beautiful Santos Doll that I found in a Prims Magazine by Stampington.

The workshop is broken down into about 8 videos and in this first one he shows how to start the paperclay head, add the beads for the eyes and add the nose. 
Not bad for a beginner I think. Room for improvement indeed but of course that will come with time.
I need to shape the head a bit more.
Next video will be building the eyebrows.

 It's silly how excited I am about making this project and usually when I see something I'd like to make I will bookmark it and tell myself I'll come back later when I have more time or feel more like it or I've got everything together etc etc.....then more often than not it never gets made.   :(

Well this time I surprised myself by getting everything together this morning after I found that Daryle had put up the first video and started making it straight away! I love his work and look forward to making myself something half as good!
I'll be using the strange little wooden box for the shrine for the doll and I figure by the time I'm finished you won't recognise it!
I just hope it's not too big. Still, I have time to find something else if I wish. I love the wooden clock house that he has found for his piece. Just the right size and shape.  :)

 I will post photos of my progress and hope to have a really lovely piece to be proud of.
Just have to find the patience to wait for the next video!!!

Thought maybe you'd like to see the fun little dolls I made recently. 

We crafty girls were going out for Laura's birthday last week and I thought she'd like the little rabbit one as I know she likes strange and weird little things! Hmmm......  ;D  Sorry Laura Lou!  x♥

 They're only about 8" high and feel quite nice to hold in one hand, and the other girls said I should make more and list them so made the second one, but not sure how many more there will be....
I love the little cat one I have to say, but then I am a cat lady at heart!

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.  ~  Bo Bennett


  1. Your starting to shine Lady Pam, I can see your bright ideas from here :-) love your dolls head I cant wait to see her/him finished. Cute bunny dolls too. xoxoxo

  2. Pam, I'll have to check out the link you mention. I'm not going to try it just now. I signed up to make that chubby book. Like you said, I hope I stick to it. I love your little dolls. Are the heads cloth? They do look like cloth. Both are cute. I haven't made a doll in many years. Looking forward to seeing your shrine doll. Hugs, Linda

  3. Must have been on autopilot for the past week or so and missed your last 2 posts! Sorry. Was thinking you should give lessons to mum?? Glad you're finding some passion for something. Love it all!

  4. I can see the fun had started over there, love the rabbit and cat too!


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