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Friday, November 30, 2012

Another wee one? Nah! Probably a big one!! :)

I'll be linking up with a couple of memes again with this post.

I've finally made up a small wooden puzzle set for Christmas to put up in my stores as an example for the wooden blanks I sell on Craftumi and Etsy, but I will also sell this set. It was a bit fiddly as I've never made one before, but I'm pleased with the end result, and might do a short tutorial on them one day.
I've also made up a set for the house blanks I sell too, but haven't quite finished them.

I've been busy, as I think I mentioned last time trying to make up for all the sold stock of my vintage chenille cloths, shower mitts and potholders. Joolz and I have two more Christmas markets next month for BrisStyle and I'd be silly not to have a heap of these things for those, given how well they sold last year!
I've made up a few bundles for gifts in Christmas colours along with the usual colours. These will be listed on my Madeit and Etsy stores.

I haven't forgotten the little birdies either, though not much work has been done on that front. This was an easy and simple little piece that I've made up on a vintage reel of cotton, but in my true recycling style the tiny nest has been made from a bunch of left over thread that is cut from projects that I've sewn up! It looks so much better and cuter in real life!  :) 

More market aprons have been added to the list as well.


Now on the thrifting front.....

My stock of old/vintage table linens etc was getting scarily low so on recent trips to the local op shops with a good friend of mine, Ro from Luvly Bears, I was ecstatic to find this fabulous collection just waiting for me! 
This lot in the top pic are all, hopefully, destined for parts in my dishcloths, potholders and aprons.

But there were a few I just couldn't bring myself to cut for a couple of reasons.
These two large tablecloths are in such great condition and have Australian native flowers and birds over them and they will go up in my Etsy store when I get my Collectibles category up and running.

But this one I found the hardest to let go of let alone cut! It's condition is amazing and I'm in love with the yellow roses and over-all colour! So.....I've decided it will become clothing for moi!!  :) Just have to decide what pattern/style. I'm thinking a dress that will be comfy for summer. What do you all think?

A small collection of cut glass and other goodies that will be repurposed or sold on as vintage wares.

As I was telling a bloggie friend in an email, a couple of days ago I was having a moment, which I've been having for a little while now actually(!) :)), and some 'things' happened this day which added to my patheticness. Well I got quite cranky for allowing myself to go down this path, (waaaay too many details and uninteresting stuff to go into) and after I got a response from said bloggie friend to a comment I had left on her blog which made me give myself a verbal slap coz I'd felt that I'd brought the tone of the post down(but she would probably say rubbish! Or I hope she would!!), I decided I needed to make the afternoon all about me!  :)
Let go of all the worry about making, sewing, selling, listing etc etc, and just do some things for myself. You know those little inconsequential things that we keep putting off 'until all this is done'.
So amongst quite a few small things................

......I treated myself to a couple of patterns from one of my fav blogs. The very same listed above for the JaM meme....Jody Pearl. REinventing Fashion by DEconstructing it. She makes the most amazing altered clothing, and designs clothing patterns which she sells.
Looking forward to those Jody!  ♥

Now this was a beautiful bracelet that my really good friend Joolz gave me some time back that she bought overseas. She said at the time that it might drive me batty with all the ringing of the bells that are part of it, and she was right actually. But it occurred to me that it would make a much better necklace coz one tends not to jangle as much with the neck as the wrist! I added the long chain from an old necklace and there ya go! A gorgeous necklace that will go with a heap of different outfits.


and last but not least.....I hate this pooter chair a whole lot!! It's one of those made with that horrible boring thick weave fabric you can find on a LOT of cheap furniture. But it's also quite old, stained and did I mention BORING!!!?  :))
I had been wanting to cover the offending weave for an age, and recently chose some fabric that I'd bought a few weeks ago from Rosemary. So I just did it!

and you know, I felt much better by the end of the night and still do a few days later. I've now decided that I need to take more time for myself and more often. Not just things like 'going out with the girls' stuff, but doing all those little things for myself that just never get done. To make life for 'me' more comfy and easier.
I realised that I hadn't been doing that enough!
We all need to girls (and boys if you're reading this!). Don't neglect your own feelings, needs and wants. You just end up with one big looooooong moment, and feeling like it's never going to end!


Families are the compass that guide us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.  ~  Brad Henry


  1. Well worth the wait, has taken me all day to read. So much interesting stuff. Love it all. Good on you. I really must move to Redcliffe one day to bask in your attitude. So I must do something today to inspire myself.... <3 ƸӜƷ ƸӜƷ

  2. PS: particularly love the puzzle, the bird, the necklace and the chair. ƸӜƷ

  3. Pam, how much are the xmas blocks? thanks, Suzanne

  4. Everything looks great,Pam ... especially the puzzle blocks :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

  5. I think you may have just inspired me to do something for myselgf - I have always wanted to recover a few chairs especially my sewing one and having seen yours looking gorgeous I now want one!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce with the Splice Skirt pattern..and the REcreate Cards.

    Thanks for joining in JaM this week. x

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  8. Wow Pam you have been super busy. I think I love everything you have been working on, I love the set of puzzle blocks. Hugs, Linda

  9. Hi Pam,a few words from a friend and some time for just you.......amazing what you can achieve and how you can feel, now just bottle it up to get you through Xmas!!!
    Loving that Cotton Reel Bird Cage soooo clever, good luck with the upcoming markets.Andrea X

  10. You have been so will love Jody's patterns I am sure. x

  11. I'm very slow getting here Pam but the week has flown. I am so inspired by all the creating you have done both for the shop and for yourself. Well done. Sometimes it is good to just stop and do something entirely for you isn't it? Good luck with your market. xxxx

  12. Pam - I have just loaded your lovely blog into the Grow Your Blog party post - so you are all set. Updates are on my blog now -- see you on the 19th!


  13. It is so interesting blog. I really most enjoyed. Great post.And great blog.

  14. love that little wire cage on the spool.
    such cute ideas!



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