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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The past week for me

I started this post days ago but just couldn't get it finished until now, so of course I've sort of lost track of the whole point and there's not much cohesion to it! Last week was a strange one for me with not much in the way of creativity but a lot in the way of gone for the day out! If memory serves correctly I was out 4 of the 7 days, and this week one doesn't seem like it'll be much different!!
So what you'll get now is a string of images with a short explanation. A similar take on the usual JaM meme I play along with each week but without the link up
JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

How's this for yarn bombing then!!? I just LUV it! No idea where the image is sourced from coz I got it in an email.

Got to visit with the step great grand child.....and even I have to admit that he's cute. A very cheeky face don't you think?

Very chic and suave little man about town yes?

Found this in a local op shop on the same visit and honestly couldn't walk past it! So, so cute don't you think? $5!

A really sweet vintage children's Christmas book. No idea what I'll do with it but such a lovely little thing.

mmmmm, think I might have started a collection of woolen blankets now! The chenille seems to be getting very thin on the ground so this may be the stand-in? Who knows! But according to Cherie from Waste Not Do Want, if you have 3, you have a collection!

These are my first strawberries of the season from a local fruit shop and coz they looked sooooo very gorgeously strawberryful, I thought I'd take a pic to put up. They taste as good as they look too!

Visited with Joolz up the Sunshine Coast at Cotton Tree. I've always known this as Whale Island since I was a kid holidaying up in the area. But I'm not sure what it's actual name is!

Looking out from the same beach.


and for MPAY this week Cherie wants to see -

Your home keys ...
your collection of keys ...
the key to your heart ...
love to see your Keys this week.

I showed this one just recently for another meme and it hangs on the kitchen wall right next to the back door. I painted this myself waaaaay back in 2000 when I was dabbling in Folk Art painting.
It actually hold a load of rubbish keys!!  :))) You know how you hang things from hooks and they get used for a while and then they don't? But they don't ever get thrown?? Well the only keys to be used from this lot are the ones on the far right for the laundry door. Ha!!
These are my keys for the back house door and my mother's house keys and a spare for the laundry. They stay in this door the whole time I'm home coz the lock is a deadlock and I'd hate to have to rush from the house in case of fire or emergency and have to go searching for keys to open the door to escape! 
The same for the keys on the right that live in the front door, and these are my car key and garage keys.
Nothing too exciting I'm afraid.

Thanks for reading down this far.  ♥


  1. That was one long post! The grandson is very cute! Yum those strawberries look good!

  2. Hi Pam, Great photos. Very cute great grandson he looks adorable in his hats. Love the beach shots. I guess you got too busy for the challenge. Stop by when you have time. Keeping going out as much as you can for as long as you can! Have fun. Hugs, Linda

  3. I believe your Whale Island is actually Goat Island although I think it should be called Whale Island. I don't remember holidaying up this way as a kid. You were actually a toddler when we lived in Maroochydore, not far from Cotton Tree.
    Yarn bombing is a most peculiar occupation. Happy goings out.

  4. hellooooo :o))
    I am almost up and running again re: reading blogs and posting, I have been without my computer for over two months now, so we have the new one in the house (for now) and the house one with all of my blog info and photos etc is in for repair, fingers crossed it comes back to life. Now about YOU, love your pictures and your post is very easy to read all the way to the bottom :o) cute kidling by the way. Love your opp shop finds very sweet. Hope your doing well lovely lady. xoxoxox ps thanks for voting for me as a small blogger havent been able to respond. xoxoxox

  5. I'm loving your rooster key holder! You paint beautifully! :)

  6. Wonderful photos Pam and very cute little man you have there. Love your Op shop finds, and those strawberries look so very very good. Glad to see you are out and about lots, better than sitting around the house! lol x

  7. Update on the name of that island Pam. It is in fact, Old Woman Island! Still looks more like a whale.....


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