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Thursday, August 30, 2012

So pretty! and another meme!

I was so excited when I arrived home yesterday to find........

A couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Suziqu's Threadworks blog and out of 107 commenters I won it!!
Such a lovely way to wrap something, yes? and the little tag tucked in there is a little piece of work on it's own.

Suzy is from the far south coast of NSW here in Australia and she makes the most amazing collages, journal covers, textile art and much more using mixed media and vintage fabrics and laces.
Photos don't do her work justice but believe me, my little gift is gorgeous! I keep looking at all the different things and layers and textures she's used......and smiling.  :)
Thanks once again for a fabulous giveaway Suzy!  ♥
Oh and please thank your random generator for me!


I've decided to join in with yet another meme. Yes you read correctly! I stumbled on this one while blog surfing through some of my regular haunts, although the blog is not new to me as I've visited there a few times over the years. Sue has just started this one up and it's called Thrift-a-long, and you know how much I love vintage and op-shopping!

 "So I am going to have another attempt at adding a linky doo-dad. That way we we can share our op-shop adventures. All you have to do is add a link to where you have posted about your treasures."

loving the gingham don't ya know! a couple of metres in the black

can't resist the lovely doilies either! esp loving the purple flower.

and can a Kiwi resist a teatowel like this?  :)

3 beautiful embroidered tablecloths that will look great as aprons perhaps.

not an op-shop find actually, but the neighbour handed it over the fence to me so I thought I'd throw it in. I'm sure I'll find a use for it.  :)

Loving these so much I had to throw them in as well and they are vintage after all. Bought them online from the States.
Don't you just love those vintage fronts on the reels of seam binding???

Have you bought any great thrifty stuff from op-shops lately. Share them over at divajools, or just go peek at other great buys.

Listen up you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can saves enough electricity to run a television for three hours!  ~  Denis Hayes


  1. Not much beats vintage haberdashery in my book - and hard to find these days! When I saw those applique doileys I immediately thought of William Morris ...? Thanks for joining in Pam. Sadly the thumbnails are a bit dodgy but I will try to rectify that this week!

  2. Hello Pam
    I so delighted that you love your Giveaway gift from me!
    Elly has just also posted hers on if you want to view it.
    Love the idea of Thrift-a-long! Yes we all are rather addicted to our finds!
    Have a lovely day,
    x Suzy

  3. Congrats on your giveaway gift, Pam... it looks so 'you' noone else had a chance :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

  4. Oh Lucky you!! What a dream come true to win one of Suzi's fabulous giveaways!! Dreams do come true!!
    I am so very delighted to have met you!! We share a love of vintage and fabrics , both new and old! I would love to have you drop by my blog.
    I adore your work!!


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