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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My week....just in case you're interested! :)

 JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created &/or bought during your week....

Pop over to Jody's for a squizz at other bloggers' weeks.

Noticed......something other than the usual crows, noisy miners and doves. These guys call into the area now and then laughing hilariously at all and sundry, as is their wont! and they will always be harassed and chased every time by the all and sundry!

......we've just started finding these lying around under the Brazilian Cherry trees but so far know nothing about what they are!  Eggs, disguise??? Anyone happen to know. Haven't seen anything hatch from them. Curious indeed. 

Consumed.......LOVING these for breakfast lately. nyom, nyom, slurp!

....down at one of the local watering holes, breaded Camembert with rocket, parmesan and plum sauce. Has become a regular with me now. LOVE!
He had roast lamb and it was apparently very tasty!

I'm going to link this up with MPAY over at Cherie's this week, coz I'm having pizza for dinner tonight and that's not going to look as elegant or as delish as this dish does!
Cherie wants to see what you had for dinner last night or maybe tonight.
Hope you don't mind if I sort of bury it inside everything else here Cherie?  x♥ 

His significant 70th today. Happy, happy birthday darl! x♥

....the view from our table, out across the Bay.

Creating.......turned this into

....this. Will be cool and comfy for the summer which feels like it's just walked through the door today!

......finished the witch mannequin and she is now listed in my etsy store.

....have also been working on this but I'm just not sure about it. You know how you get an idea in your head and it looks fabulous in there, but when it's done it's not what you had in mind at all!!?
I shall mull it over a bit more I think. May even start again.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away! ~  Anon


  1. Happy, Happy, Birthday to Your Darl Pam ;) No worries about including MP&Y ;) I'm so grateful for you being so loyal. I'm not giving up on it, so I'm thrilled to see each week.
    Love what you did with that sun dress too. Interested to learn knows what those 'things' are the birds have left behind. Have a lovely week M'Dear. xo

  2. Great post, Pam. You have been busy! Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  3. I WANT your hair....and some of that Camembert would be nice too!

    Love the Frock REcreation, the bold gold & yellow flowere are the perfect contrasting match for the goldy highlighted purple - it goes really well with your hair...and now I've just noticed how perfect your glasses are!

    My mum is visiting mid week and she knows lots about garden stuff so I'll ask to take a squizz at the white curly stuff - being she lives on Bribie Island she might be familiar with what's happening in your neck of the woods.

    Thanks for sharing your busy, creative & inspiring week Pam. x

  4. Lovely food and lots of creating. A perfect week Pam. x

  5. thanks for popping into my blog. I look forward to your JaM next week. I love the tunic

  6. I was admiring your hair too - a lovely style to it and lovely colour. Wonderful dress you have created there too. Will look forward to seeing the answer to see what the curly white stuff is!

  7. I love that tunic top! Happy birthday to your Mr, dinner looks delicious! Thanks for your kind words on my post the other week, starting to embrace the positives and trying to just enjoy..xx

  8. I love your piece of cake dress?? Perfect REinventing indeed. x


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