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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This and that

 I've got a bit of a mish mash of things this post.
Firstly being something I made yesterday when a few of us got together and had a crafty morning.
We used a tutorial from over at The Feathered Nest to make a few different things.

Mind you we didn't all get everything done, but a lot of fun was had.
Rosemary shared these sweet little salt shakers with us all, that she had added fine glitter to the inside of. This lovely little Christmas decoration was my end result, but i did get some tags started.

I got my bunting/flags finished and I'm rather pleased with how it all came up, but I have to say that I had a heap of trouble getting a decent pic to put up!! I just seem to have a problem with blue when it comes to taking photos.

This close-up helps a little to see more detail. But given that I've listed it on etsy, I'm not sure the images will help to sell it too well!  :)
I might try another background colour I think. Any suggestions are very welcome!!


MPAY this week....
I'm not too sure about this theme Cherie. I suspect you might have, perhaps, maybe had a wee problem thinking up a theme for this week??????? Put our faces up on our blogs!!! but.....

This is me! Acting a bit silly while the husband tries to take a photo of me in the very lovely scarf made and sent to me for my birthday, by my wonderful friend, Dianne, who lives in Pennsylvania. I wanted to send a pic to her to show her how it looked on me.
Sorry Cherie, but I have a bit of time thinking of suitable and sensible stuff to say about myself that would/might be interesting enough.

My name is Pam, and I'm on the back deck of our house. We live on a peninsula called Redcliffe in sunny(?) Queensland! The beach is only a few blocks away from us.
I live here with my husband of 29yrs(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)and three furry reprobates!
mmmm, not too interesting sorry, but there you have it!

Want to meet some other peeps? Visit Cherie's blog and meet them!


Found these on the website of one of our local radio stations (of all places!!) 97.3fm and thought you'd enjoy seeing them.
They had them listed under the heading Second Life for Throw Away Items. 

I think these re-invented suitcases would be my favs, of course!  :)

But these would be my second favs and I can see me actually making these for the walls in my own house! LOVE them and they would be so easy to make up don't you think?
Wish I could think that laterally.
I have a few more I'll share anon.  :)

I haven't forgotten those photos of the beautiful roses that my sister and I saw in NZ either. Hopefully will put more up next time.

Hope you're all having a magic weekend.  ♥

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.
-- New England proverb


  1. Oh Pam what a super duper post and what a doll your are ... nothing like ai expected and THANK YOU it's wonderful to have an image of someone when you're emailing each week.
    I'm with you too, loving those suitcases, great idea instead of a side table ;)
    You're a sweetheart and Thank You so much for playing along. Mwah, Mwah ;)

  2. Love those little fork/spoon hooks, very clever.
    I think your bunting looks great, all the detail makes it very special. Congrats on being married for 29 years !!!
    Oh to live near the beach that's bliss, the sound of the sea, the smell and shells to collect....
    Today I was Op shopping for pet blankets as its very wet and muddy here at home and I found a vintage chenille dressing gown(blue) in very good condition. I'm happy to send it to you if you would like it.

  3. Your bunting is beautiful Pam and I'm sure it will sell quickly, I am in awe of the detail you put into your craft. Love the photo of you, very nice. I am still procrastinating with my MPAY this week, hate photos of me. All those remade items are wonderful, the book shelves would be something I would do too. x

  4. Hi Pam, You look lovely. It is very nice to have a face to go along with the email. Your scarf is great. The bunting is beautiful! Your craft get together sounds like fun. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  5. How come your DH always manages to take the photo while you're talking? Or are you always talking when he's trying to take a photo?? Ha ha ha. Scarf looks lovely and so does the bunting. CU

  6. Oh I love that bunting, but I also love the one you made me for my birthday!! Those suitcases are just the best! I also like what they've done with the cutlery.

  7. Thanks for the little
    I am loving the suitcases and love your collection totally. xx

  8. Hi Pam, do you have a email address so i can send you some info on op shop find.?

  9. Luv Luv Luv times double, the spoon hooks and the forks, such a great way to use up what you can find in op shops by the dozen and so cheap. LUV times double your little cards, very beautiful in deed.


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