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Friday, June 29, 2012

You gotta smile...

It seems that the real estate agent around the corner from us has a sense of humour!! :=D
you'll probably need to click on the pics to get a better look at the descriptions.

Happy fun weekend to you all!  x♥


  1. lol. A sense of humour and time on his hands I think. Well spotted Pam, x

  2. That house looks like something out of a movie set.

  3. Let me guess.... Barbie and Ken are moving very witty :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. These are very funny Pam, Looks like a lady on the business card, she can spin a tale. I also like the re-vamp on the coat. I think you are suppose to wear long gloves with those short sleeve winter coats. I like my sleeves to my wrists on cold chilly days. Hugs, Linda

  5. These are a hoot!!!;O)))))))))))

  6. A Real Estate Agent prepared to shine a light on the creative pitches they use to baffle prospective buyers might be a Real Estate Agent you can trust...well spotted Pam and very funny.


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