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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Place and Yours = My Glass

The theme for this week's MPAY over at Cherie's is

My Glass

Do you have a fav glass that's just YOURS, that you love drinking from, and you get a smidge irked when some else uses it or doesn't rinse it out if they do??? 

I actually have a couple.
A gorgeous tall glass one with Royal Selangor as the stand, which is one of a pair that my husband bought me as a gift many years ago. It's a nice feeling to be sipping from this particular one.
The second is a pretty little crystal glass that is one of a set.
I use the smaller cut crystal one more often because I know exactly where to fill it to, so that I get the same number of glasses with each bottle of my chosen red blend! Very techie this drinking of the nectar of life don't you know!  :)  Oh's wearing the latest fashion in homemade scrunchies to help mop up the condensation that runs down the stem!!  :))) made from a tissue, just in case you were wondering what on earth it was.
As you can see I'm imbibing at the moment even though I'm in the midst of the worst cold I've had in quite a while. Helps me dull the pain perhaps!  :)
Funny the way, when one is suffering from a cold and feeling like rubbish, that one can still eat and drink!! Well I do, don't know about you lot out there though! :o)))))))))))

So do you have a favourite glass? Go tell Cherie about it. Then I can go have a look too!



  1. Hope you feel better quickly, Pam; a cold can be so energy depleting. As to a favorite glass...I do have a favorite but when people come, I serve them a beverage in my favorite glass. It makes me happy to see someone else enjoying it as well.

  2. Oh Pam they're beautiful and I'll have to take back my comment on Jackie's about small glasses. Your small glass is divine. So beautiful and perfect to have a wee tipple for medicinal purposes only ;~) Get well soon Pam Thank You for playing along. xo.

  3. Love the look of the tall glass Pam, very elegant. If you have condensation when drinking red wine does that mean you drink it cold like I do...much to my sisters disgust? x

  4. I've broken all my favourite glasses. Can't be trusted with anything bearing a stem (I flap my hands around too much methinks) so am reduced to using a nice tumbler. Feel better soonly...

  5. Hellooo there lady :o)
    Long time no see, sorry your not feeling too well nothing worse than a flu !!
    Love your tall glass, that's the one for me (grin) I do enjoy a little tipple me-self from time to time, but I find with that "M" word that we ladies have to deal with as we gracefully or disgracefully age, that wine plays havoc with my com...complect....with me face don't ya know and I goes as red as a bloomin beetroot and I gotta tells ya it aint a pretty sight !!!!!!
    Cheers Darlin hick hick :o)


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