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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

JaM - this and that

JaM - taking Just a Moment to gather & share the things you have noticed, consumed, created, bought during your week....

I haven't done a great deal over the last week but discovered that I have enough pics after all, to join in with Jody's JaM meme. I finally succumbed to my husband's cold 2 weeks ago and after my previous post back on the 16th, when I mentioned having caught it, I actually got worse and have only really felt much like doing anything big in the last few days. I can't say I've had a cold that bad in many years!! and with all the coughing I did, I'm now suffering with lower back pain and something that feels like a pinched nerve in my right hip. I think I pulled muscles I didn't know I had!  ☺ So it's not very comfy sitting here at the pooter for too long.
So on with the show....

I've been slowly working on this coat that my mum gave me last season. I don't mind the style of double breasted, but the sleeves are only 3/4 length! What's with a lined winter coat with short sleeves!!?? 

So I removed the tiny belts and loops and lengthened the sleeves to full length with the addition of black velvet taken from the top of an old skirt that I finally had to stop squeezing myself into!
and then I turned back the front 'lapel' and hand stitched a triangle of stretch velvet to it. I didn't trust myself to machine sew it on given what velvet is like to sew normally, and the fact that it's stretch!
I thought the hand stitching made a nice feature though.

I'm not sure whether to leave all the buttons on, or take off the ones not being used now or just leave them as a feature. Can clothing have too many features do you think? mmmm.... and I have also thought of changing the buttons altogether! I wanted a fairly neutral jacket this time around though. But something to think about definitely.
It can be worn as above with the second layer pulled over the chest....

or like this with a V neck style. Which do you think looks the nicest?
Might depend on what I'm wearing underneath I suppose.
Nothing very Re-constructed Jody! But my next jacket project will have a lot more to it!  :)

I've been experimenting with more of my upholstery/furnishing samples to try and make some nice messenger bags. Nothing is quite finished yet......just tinkering.
Have you ever heard of Reverse Garbage? This partly inspired me with these bags.

Because I was sick for the week after Jody announced our partners in the Op Shop Swap, and we only had 2 weeks to get it all together and have it posted by the 29th, I've been busy trying to get all that together too. The things in the pic above are just a peek at things that I'm 'thinking' about incorporating in my package that I'm hoping to get into the post by Friday for my partner Joy over at Joystuff Handmade
Oh my I do hope she likes it all. This is her first swap and I'd hate to ruin the experience for her with the wrong things!!

wee bit blurred sorry!

I've bought myself some crocheted lovelies to add to my aprons and/or bags...

and invested in these gorgeous mags, that I probably didn't really need! But they've been a lovely read.

To top it all off I received these in the mail! I won myself a Motorola mobile phone and a $500 voucher  from Red Balloon!!!! How very cool indeed yes?! With the help of my comping sister Sandy again! Thanks sis!  ♥


  1. Glad to hear you're a bit more betterer.... And I'm loving the coat (I agree it's odd to have 3/4 length sleeves in a winter coat), you're so clever, and so lucky to have such a wonderful sister... Hee hee hee.

    Keep feeling better.

  2. Love the coat Pam, very stylish. And congratulations on the win (another one!) I would love a voucher for Red Bubble, there are so many wonderful prints there. You and Sandy need to start buying Tattslotto tickets with all the wins you have you would be millionaires in no time! xx

  3. That is SUCH a brilliant make over on the coat - I like it with the V Neck. Enjoy that prize, you lucky so and so.

  4. Firstly...OH MY GOODNESS those cases!!!! I love what you've done to that coat, so lovey with the velvet trim too. I hope you're feeling much better & make time to have your back looked at, maybe treat yourself to a massage...x


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