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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This week on Just a Moment(JaM) hosted by Jody over at Re-inventing Fashion........

I bought these lovely shell and green buttons and a pattern from the '70's, from a couple of fav shops on Etsy.

....and this pretty green wool blanket from a local op shop. Not sure what to do with it though! Love green and love the look of this blankie, but do you think it would make up as a jacket or coat without looking icky?? I suppose if I mixed it up with a recycled piece of clothing it might just work?? You them as one piece like Jody does? Hmmmm....

I created these......after looking at Jody's site earlier last week and seeing her wearing one of her Piece of Cake tunics, I decided I needed to take time to make myself some clothing for a change and made this from two different dresses. (it's very similar to Jody's PoC actually, which was quite unintentional I assure you!!  ☺  I hadn't even realised that you had pleats in the 'skirt' bit until I got a close up of the tunic in your tutorial. Just wish it was a bitter pic!
I'm still trying to decide if it needs the pretty crocheted motifs or not, so they're only pinned on, but I think it needs sumpin'!

and then had another go and came up with this one. It's made from an old pair of linen type shorts and a blouse that my goodly friend Joolz brought me back from Indonesia.
It's a very dark pic and not much better than the previous pic!
I think next time I would put the join(waist?) up higher and make them a little shorter....maybe.  

I visited these two very cute guys at Dreamworld on Monday compliments of my very generous sister who won a pass for 4 people for a close up experience with them! These gorgeous Bengal tiger cubs  are a big attraction there at the moment. My sister, her two daughters and I got up close and personal with them and got to pat them, shoot them and spend some time with them. Normally the public would only get to see them 'perform' for a short while in a small area behind a large glass window. Unless you can afford to pay for this close up experience!

I notice skydivers quite often from the comfort of my backyard. The beach is only a short 2 and a bit blocks walk from where I live, and it's one of the favourite landing spots for the jumpers here at Redcliffe.
It's great to be able to see them spiralling down while listening to the whoops of excitement and screams of alarm from some of them.

The thick cloud cover this day made a great backdrop that made the images fairly clear.

I consumed these tasty morsels during the week. Homemade florentines made with organic chocolate, honey and sultanas, & home popped organic corn drizzled with melted butter, honey and cinnamon. Yummo! I can kid myself that they're reasonably healthy can't I? ☻

The theme for My Place and Yours over at Cherie's this week is 
School Days: Yours or someone near and dear.

Top pic is 3rd grade Nundah State School 1964.
I'm right in the centre of the row sitting on the bench. Obviously I didn't have a uniform. Mum probably couldn't afford to buy it in those days!

Bottom pic is either 9th or 10th grade Banyo High School...either 1970 or 71.
I'm top row, second from the right. Eeew, what a do!!

It would be interesting to know what they're all doing now don't ya think? I've never managed to keep up with school friends.

Ciao for now.  ♥♥♥


  1. Great pics, Pam :) As for the top, it looks very effective... fabric looks dressy for evening wear too, and nice length :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. Well I'm glad to see someone has been creative this week, very nice Pam. Very jealous of the up close and personal with the Tiger Cubs, what a wonderful experience. Doesn't school seem so far away now?

  3. You clever clogs - fancy making a Piece of Cake without a pattern! I agree it needs something on the bodice - not so sure about the doily though, maybe you could print the doily on and stitch into it with the same colours as the bottom of the dress.....or sometimes plain is best cos that way you can add a skivvy under or a cardy on top without clashing.

    I enjoy seeing behind to the sewing room too - you tell alot about someone by looking past them into their creative space.....I think I can feel a JaM theme coming on - oh that's right I don't do themes anymore!

    Don't you get nervous watching them hurl themselves out of planes - you're braver than me, I'd be far too scared to look.

    Hope you enjoy your week and thanks for joining in JaM Pam - I love your frocks! x

  4. Wow, You've been busy Pam. And those florentines and popcorn look yum, you'll have to bring some out next time we're over. :)

  5. Oh so glad you could finally do something with the top!Can't wait to see it up close!

    Loving those big cats!

  6. Oh Pam Thank YOU for playing along at MP&Ys and for including all those wonderful pics. You've been a busy and creative girl, good on you. Love your post as always. xo

  7. Have I never seen you in any photos before Pam? You're gorgeous!!!! I couldn't work out how you had taken the photos either, until finally the penny dropped (bit slow tonight).
    I love your creative space, looks wonderful, and what you have created in it, is great. Look forward to reading and learning more from the pro's.

  8. love your "new" tops...very creatively (especially like the darker one!)

  9. Hi Pam, Love all the photos. Is that you in the mirror? It is! You look lovely and I like the second tunic best. You are so talented, Geeish, I could kick myself for tossing out most of my patterns from the 1970's. Oh well. Great shots of the cats. Lucky you to be so close to the beach too. Hugs, Linda

  10. WOW graet frocks, they are so comfy to wear

  11. Mum always says I'm the one with the block head but obviously not! I actually thought you were wearing sunnies but realised a) probably wasn't the trend back then and b) the teacher would not have let you!

    What a clever chick you are. If you had some of the skirt left over you could either embroider a motif on the blue top or make a small pocket!! Like the new do, bit more colour?? Or is it the light shining off your halo... I mean hair.

  12. I was having a good peek at your creative space, great set of draws!
    Clever you making your own pattern, i like the second frock too............... lovely detail in the fabric.


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