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Friday, April 13, 2012

Some new things

Not so laughable (Jackie!), that I'm becoming a bag lady!!  lol.
I've just listed these bags in my Nest in The Attic stores on Madeit and Etsy(buttons in side column if you're interested, and thanks heaps if you are! xxx)

Made from a pre-loved cotton top which has been batiked or screen printed.

All fashioned around the cherry fabric. I found a small piece and knew it would look good in something!!! I think it's upholstery fabric.

Another re-purposed piece of clothing. Stretch denim skirt. Love that word! re-purposed..... I've shown this one on the blog previously, but the pic wasn't a very good one. But neither are all these I don't think.
For some reason lately when I load my pics up on the blog they seem to get a fuzzy look about them that isn't there in the pics in my stores! A tad annoying. Anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me doing something wrong?!
This one will go up once I can decide on a clasp or closure or sumpin'! It has to close somehow. I'm sure I'll work it out.

I've started making some more of these in slightly different shades than previously. So loving the burgundy  for the red apple. and the vintage tablecloth is a fab match don't you think? Once I've sewn on the leaf, this one will go up in the store too. Probably tonight or tomorrow.
Have to do the leaf by hand coz I keep making the mistake of sewing the potholder together BEFORE I've machine appliqued it on!!!  Grrrrr....  :))) 


  1. Yes Pam moving to the bag lady stage in leaps and bounds!!!! Love your bags and the pot holders are gorgeous. Well done you. x

  2. Great post, Pam :) I love the cherry bag. The denim one looks a bit 'risque' Don't take this the wrong way, but glad to hear about your fuzzy pics.... that happened to me, too.... on second thoughts, what does that say about us Have a great weekend, and happy crafting, Jenny

  3. Adorable - looks like you've hit the ground running after your sojourn in NZ.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Pam, Oops! I'm back to try again. Love all the bags. My favorite one is the cherry theme, it's so cute with all the layers. I'm a re-purposed fan and I also like to use the word up-cycled. Hugs, Linda

  6. All looking good!!! You have been busy.... i take it you don't agree with housework either. Love the pot holders.

  7. Pam they're all wonderful. I love all your details and embellishments! Gotta agree with Linda -- the cherry themed back with all the ruffles is my favorite!


  8. Jackie at The Back Shed has given me the Leibster award and as per the rules I am passing it on to 5 of my favourite are one of them!!!!
    If you wish to accept this award (I hope you do!!!!) here is the link to my post. where you can find out all about it and what you need to do.


  9. Pam, those are beautiful bags...well done!


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