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Friday, April 6, 2012

After my 5 week sojourn from blogging etc....

...just a few pics of my travels to Queenstown. Well most of you asked for it!!  :))
and this just Day 1 & 2!

Most days would see the Remarkables clothed in clouds like this. Quite pretty really.

Our hotel, The Crowne Plaza, overlooked Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables mountain range.
This shot was taken from the footpath across the road on our first day in the afternoon, which turned out to be a stormy one in more than one way! Long story short.....half the luggage from our flight out of Sydney was offloaded there, for reasons we will probably never hear about, so after taking an age to actually get out of customs etc, and picking up the car which was part of the prize, we had to find somewhere to buy some clothes!
To make matters worse it had started to rain already and by the time we'd checked in and found out where we could buy something cheap(as we didn't want to pay too much coz our stuff would probably turn up eventually, which it did thankfully! and Queenstown is very exxie as you imagine the 'Southern Hemisphere's premier four season lake and alpine resort' would be!) it was storming! 
Thankfully the weather was rather nice for the rest of our stay.  

We took a bit of a walk around the town to see what was what.
I'm hopeless really....I took no notes of the names of places, etc and of course when it came to writing this post I have to keep going off to google things!!! I saw an American lady over there and I sighingly wished I was more like her. She was keeping a written journal of where she was going, where she'd been and anything of interest she was told or discovered. What an amazing record to look back on in years to come.
Anyhoo the beautiful stone church above is St Peter's Anglican Church built in 1932 to replace the existing wooden building that had been finished in 1863! Thanks heaps Mr Google!  :o))

My first coffee in Queenstown in a lovely little French cafe/restaurant, that of course I can't remember the name of now! Hopeless I tells ya!

Coal fired steamer TSS Earnslaw is a local tourist attraction, and steams it's way up and across the waters of Lake Wakatipu several times a day.

A not very successful panorama collage that I thought would come up much larger to view!
The view is up the lake in the direction the steamer takes.

Just some very cute little ducks around the same area near all the boats. Glorious colour of the water, and as Sandy said it almost looks like a watercolour. 

Guess who? and yes she does belong to someone! :) Never realised how daggy I could look.It was very cold that day, hence the beanie on the head. Freezing actually! But of course the sandals were the only walking shoes I had with me(thinking that it wouldn't get this cold) and we wanted to do a bit of walking you see. Now if I'd added socks, how much better would I have looked!!!!!!!!!! How embarrassment! Sandy very sneakily took it while I wasn't looking. Thanks sis!
So why have I added it to the line up? Well......

.....this is why I was standing there, for quite a while, holding my little camera up there like that. I was waiting patiently for Mr Seagull to take flight, as he had been doing previously, so I could have me an arty farty shot of a bird in flight, up close. Nuh uh! not him. He just stood there looking back at me. Obviously I gave up in the end. lol.

Just a few more of things I found interesting in and around Queenstown.

We liked the way these trees looked all lined up straight dressed in their attractive barks. Not sure what sort of tree it is though sorry.

In my usual fashion I didn't bother to look for a sign to tell me what this was. Hmmmmm.

This guy was standing down by the wharf/jetty across from our hotel. Lovely piece and I imagine his beak would be snuggly buggly warm all year!

Loving the chippy rustic look of this corner on the wharf outside a restaurant.

My sister took way more pics than I did and remembers better than I do all sorts of things, so if you'd like to see more shots of our trip, then you can drop over to the site we set up for this called The Travelling Sisterhood.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment!  x 

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs!  ~  Susan Sontag


  1. You don't look daggy at all!
    Looks like a great trip. Love those ducks.

  2. Welcome back..LOve the pictures, duckies are so cute too...

  3. Great to hear from you, photos are great, love the trees in a line, the second tree looks a bit like a banksia man from snugglepot and snugglepie stories!!! The big Kiwi bird has an anklet - he's a bit trendy :)
    Mmmmmmm that cuppa looks yummy.

  4. what fun traveling with your sister! Looks & sounds like you've had a great time (despite the luggage mishap), and I think you look great in that picture..x

  5. Thanks for sharing your Queenstown images. My DH is a Kiwi and have been to NZ but not to Queenstown! Looks like you've had a really great time away. Life definitely is slower over there.
    Thanks for the visit and have a great Easter too!

  6. A bag lady in the making???? lol Lovely photos Pam, the holiday looked like it was absolutely wonderful. Happy Easter x

  7. Judging by the look on Mr Seagull, I'd love to hear what HE was thinking of the view HE Sounds like you had a lovely time :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

  8. Hi Pam, Daggy is anew word for me. Comfort is the key to having a good time though. I agree with Sandy the duck photo looks like a watercolor painting. Love all the other photos. I wish I could have been that American lady and meet up with you. But it wouldn't have been like me to bring along a journal and take notes either. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, it's the only way I'll get there. Hugs, Linda


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