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Thursday, February 23, 2012

JaM ~ What's on the Mannequin

This week's theme is
or what have you been



this week!

there's only pearls on my mannequins! Tres chic though, mmmm?

Some of you may remember seeing the dinner plate in pics of some of my recipes? I've been looking for a cup or mug that matches it for quite some time.....
When the girls and I went out last week for some thrifting, eating and shopping for Laura's birthday, I found this gorgeous vintage trio that matches the plate as closely as it's going to get!  From Blake & Tayler who sell new and recycled homewares. Nice place atcherly.  :)
I rapidly moved in for the kill in case someone else got to them first, and snatched very carefully picked it up thinking only "It's mine!!!!!!". Not strictly thrifted, but second hand. Good nuf for me!  :)
Oh and when I got home, told the DH that he didn't have to worry about what to get me for my birthday next month! He'd already bought it!  lol. 

Definitely thrifted, from Vinnies for a measly $8! Was thinking I might add some matching/complementary fabric to the hem of the lining and turn it into a dress. Loving the crochetedness and all those beautiful little shiny beads all over it and the fringe! 
Experimented with puff pastry sheets to bake us a pizza or two. Quite successful I have to say. Lousy pic though sorry.  :)
Trying to finish this bag that I started when I first joined Jody's meme. Not quite there but should be done for the market on Friday night.

This is actually a ring-in for this meme, coz I started it a couple of weeks ago, but just had to share.
Can't even remember where I picked this box up now, but isn't it divine? Silky oak I assume, with a lot of age and character to show it.
You know how much I love to recycle, upcycle, repurpose etc? Yes of course you do!  :)

I came up with the idea of re-using old Christmas and Birthday cards as favourite recipe cards and will keep them in the gorgeous box.
Depending on how I glue the recipe and pic of the finished dish, which I've printed out on paper, I can even keep any cherished messages which my friend or family have written inside the card! LOVE it!

There you go, if you just can't throw all your old cards you've received, then here's a lovely way to keep them and put them to work at the same time, don't you think?
Could even be used for household or crafting tips etc. Magic!

That's it! Head over to Jody's to see more stuff that's been sewn, made, baked or thrifted. You could even join in.

 Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness; it has no taste.  ~  Charlotte Bronte


  1. Wow Pam how lucky was finding that cup and saucer? Love the bag so far and the box. Very clever idea for recipe cards. Pizzas look good and the top is nice though I'm not into shiny beads. lol Looks like a lovely week at your house. x

  2. Lucky DH didn't think of keeping his purchase for oops! Hope he isn't reading Everything looks great :) Have you tried Mountain bread for pizza bases? They work well too. Happy crafting, and good luck tomorrow :) Jenny

  3. Very clever! Your bag is looking gorgeous and the spotty dotty crockery is to die for.

    Thanks for joining in Pam. x

  4. Hi Pam, WOW! I love all your finds and your idea for the beautiful box and treasured cards is fantastic. Hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Pam, love your wire mannequin did you make it yourself? His and her pizzas look Yum we also use Mountain or Mission Bread, both good.
    Your Silky Oak Box, simply gorgeous!and what a great idea to use all those beautiful cards for recipes(might have to steal this idea).


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