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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Heart of a day!

Nest in The Attic creation
Did you have a nice day? Did you do anything romantic? Or was it just another day for you?
St Valentine's Day is usually just another day for us.....usually, but today we decided we would do something mildly different, but still enough out of the ordinary to enjoy the experience. and we did.  :)

Very yummy roast pumpkin, fetta, red onion and rocket pizza. DH had a burger which really wasn't anything special to take a pic of!  :)
We took ourselves out to lunch over at Sandgate to the Full Moon Hotel. It's quite a nice hotel with a better view than many eating places, looking out over to the Redcliffe Peninsula where we live.

Pleasant view from our table.

Across the road looking out to the eastern end of Redcliffe Peninsula

After we ate we walked across the road to look out over the water. How could we have resisted taking the path down with a sign like this on it!  :)

This beautiful old church sits at the bottom of the path.
It's the first Baptist church built in Sandgate in 1872 for £1300 would you believe!?
You know, I'd so love to renovate and live in a gorgeous old church! How cool would that be!!

DH pointing to approx where our house is.  His idea. :)))))))

I'm sorry, but I just can't take to a LOT of modern sculpture, and this one is just plain ugly and.........lost for words here. Just sayin'

We didn't have dessert/coffee after lunch coz we were just too full! So we bought ourselves a treat to share for later at home. Yumm, orange and cranberry.
He made the coffee with our espresso machine and I tarted up the treat! How's that for Nouvelle Cuisine?!
That's a little heart in the middle of his froth. It didn't show up too well. :)
All in all, a very pleasant day.
Hope yours was just as nice or even better.  xxx

If music be the food of love, play on....  ~  Shakespeare


  1. What a beautiful day spent with someone you love.....x

  2. Just beautiful Pam, What a gorgeous place to have lunch and that pizza looks yummy. Wow, look at you and how you plated your desert! Soon you'll be on one of those cooking show we watch. As for the sculpture, I agree. It sort of looks like the tusks of a prehistoric Mastodon. ((smiling)) Hugs, Linda
    We are going to eat pizza and watch a comedy later.

  3. that heart is really lovely! Sounds like you had a nice day, and you've done a gorgeous job on that desert! We don't usually celebrate valentine's day, so I was very surprised when the hubby came home with a gorgeous card & the whitney essential album, what a sweetheart!

    Happy Birthday to your sister!

  4. Yum that pizza looks good & so does the dessert! Glad you had a lovely day!

  5. Looks like a lovely day all round, and great pics :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Lucky you! looks like a lovely day! and yes I love the heart too - I'm sure I've seen it before years ago and have it saved somewhere in my inspiring folder on my computer! who'd know one day I'd bump into the creator! :D

  7. loving the hearts everywhere! looks like a wonderful day.
    we don't celebrate, got the Mr a handmade card from Vic @ punky & me and forgot to give it to him!!
    wrote it today..oops.
    glad you liked the orange cake recipe.
    happy end to the week to you Pam ♥

  8. Nothing like a little surprise now and then or doing something out of the ordinary to lift the spirits is there?

    Thanks to your commenters for the birthday wishes too...

  9. Looks like the perfect day :o)


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