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Monday, January 23, 2012


You know, I have lost all direction with this here blog and I have no idea really where to go with it, which path to go down with it, what sort of blog it should be, which category to pop it into, whether to maybe use it for tutorials of my own making or other clever clogs' that I can show you or to lead you to....all that sort of thing. But, who knows, perhaps one day it will decide on it's own and save me the trouble of choosing!  :^D 

a purrfect frame up don't ya know!
So until then I suppose it's just going to be one that I will now lovingly categorise as 'Waffle On'.
and to that end, purely because Jackie over at The Back Shed put up a post with some gorgeous pics of one of her furry babies Fred, here are some of a couple of my furry babies, Puss and Kit.

aww mum, are you trying to hide from me in that long grass? Ha, found you!

I treated myself to something very prettyful for Christmas made by a UK fibre/textile artist Jackie Cardy over at Dog Daisy Chains. I've wanted one of her amazing pieces of art for quite a while and as I'd managed to make a few sales leading up to Christmas.....voila! This is it and the pic definitely doesn't do it any justice at all. The colour is a gorgeously rich shade of  what you could probably call Flame. The centre is a beautifully tactile piece of velvet and the surround is felt that she has made and dyed herself!! What an incredibly talented lady she is. I'm loving it, and I know I'll be back for some more of her work.

I'm ever so pleased with the finished result of these little babies. They look so cute in real life, I can tell you. I made 3 just before that big Christmas market and they all sold so they never made it up on the blog or into my shops.
Oh, they are pinkeeps to wear on your hand while you put up a skirt hem or trouser legs!  :)

I've added little bullion knots to these ones though, and I and the DH think they look much better. This brilliant idea popped into my little brain in a moment of inspiration and I sat down and designed them and made them up. Nice little filler-ins they are.
Mind you, I've found something similar in an etsy store just recently........drat!!
Oh well, great minds think alike they say.

The greatest achievements were at first and for a time, dreams.  ~  James Allen


  1. Dont you hate it when you think you've come up with something original and then discover its not at all?!
    I'm the same with my blog - no idea what might interest others - but once school is back and we're all settled, I'll be back (well thats the plan anyway).

  2. Gorgeous Fred is spazzing out under my feet so I'll make this quick!!!Lovely cats, lovely brooch, sweet pinkeeps. I think the Waffle on Category has quite a few Blogs in it Pam,including mine. Usually they are the more interesting ones!

  3. Can you imagine if I tried to take that shot of
    ?Puss? But it's lovely, a great shot. I love the pin keeps too, what about lady birds next? CU soon

  4. We just love to hear from you Pam and see what youre up to...dosnt matter what you blog about..:)

  5. Hey Pam, maybe it's easier not to pigeon hole yourself and write about what interests you....

    Jackie's work is amazing and your brooch is a beautiful, striking choice. I'm sure you'll get lots of compliments when you wear it.

    It's a cat's life isn't it?.......I do think they make a house a home.

    Your pin keeps are so sweet, I have to say I did see similar in Mollie Makes (UK craft mag that has a huge following) late last year, but I think yours are more interesting with the bullion knots.

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

  6. Cute pics, Pam :) What I love about your blog, is that it is YOU and your take on things. Given your lovely pics, and worrying about what to post, why don't you start posting 'Photo Friday' and post whatever photo you like that you took on Friday? Having just read all of the above, as much as I would like to keep the idea for myself, you know how hopeless I am with the definitely don't have to worry about!!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. hi Pam
    I did get your message and I was so pleased. I thought I'd replied but I must not have.
    Anyway as far as the blog goes, why not just treat it as your journal? A record of events in your life. I love looking back over mine and seeing what I wa sup to three years ago. I had thought I would have stopped by now but I am addicted to it even though I don't blog as often. Its your can do whatever you like!

  8. Hi Pam, Cute photos of the kitties. We use to have a white cat years ago, Sugar, was her name. We now have grandkitty, Penny. You pin is great and I'm happy you treat yourself kindly. I love those pin keeps. For some reason they remind me of my mom. I think she had something like those. I know she had a tomato shape pin cushion but I think she had a strawberry like the dark red one with the tiny white threads. If you didn't enter my give away Pam you might want to visit. Hugs, Linda


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