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Sunday, July 24, 2011

When life gives you lemons.....

.....make lots of yummy things with them!!  :))

Lime & Lemon Butters...........Lemon Squares........................Lemon Tart...... 

I was lucky enough to end up with a HEAP of lemons, limes and mandarines given to me by my cousin who grows a lot of her own fruit, and we even picked a few up from the local tip from prunings that someone had thrown out! The branches held three huge lemons and very large orange. What a waste! Just can't understand some people.
I decided the best way not to waste them myself, was to make lemon & lime butters, lemon slices and lemon tarts(and more to come!). I'll be putting the recipes up on My Recipes gradually.
Might even freeze some in ice cube trays.

And as I promised, some more vintage images for you


Let the beauty we love be what we do.  ~  Rumi


  1. delicious! I absolutely go crazy over lemon flavored treats!

  2. Hi Pam. all those lemon treats sound very refreshing! Thank for the vintage image share. I'll be posting chenille toys by the end of the week. Hugs, Linda

  3. Mmmm...Mmmmm...lemon tart...yummo!!! xxx

  4. Mouthwatering! Lovely vintage images: particularly the bottom one.

  5. They all look great... and yellow Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. I was reading another blog earlier (Out Back) and this is what that clever girl had on her blog.
    3/4 fill a jar with vinegar,
    and add citrus peel.
    Leave to brew for 2 - 3 weeks,
    bottle and
    clean until your hearts content!
    So there is another idea for your score.
    Thanks out back and thanks Pam love the tart and squares and the butters and..... well everything. Cute vintage prints :o)

  7. Oh i love lemon cakes! And lemonade, and lemon pistachio biscotti!

    Thanks for the freebe!

    Ciao Bella!


  8. I love these pictures! And I love the sound of your lemon treats, YUM!


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