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Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've been a bit busy lately......
....taking the time to take it easy. Chill out a bit. You know like a lizard on a rock?

or maybe a cat on a carpet!!  :)) ....and being ok with it, not feeling guilty. Yay! Life is not all about being tied to the puter or the sewing machine!

So we've (DH and I) been having lunches etc, from time to time, with some fabulous outlooks.....

Bribie Island looking out to Moreton Island

Gold Coast - Morning Tea

Gold Coast same day - Lunch with a very dear friend
High Tea with my very cool sister

More of an inlook than an outlook! Lunch at very cool small coffee shop Mei Li.  We highly recommend the food, staff and atmosphere.
I think that might be enough outlooks for you to drool over!  :)

But I've also been busy.....


Before, with the puter on the desk which is now on the opposite wall.

.....creating a workstation in the office/computer room for me to make my little bird creations and jewellery...small things. I'm not too keen on sitting in the studio at night on my own. I have to go outside and down under the house, and there's no loo or proper facilities for making tea/coffee etc.
Now I can just turn from the puter to the desk and back again if I need to, and it's much more comfy up here during these very cold nights. It's also great if I feel the need to get away from the barking dogs next door, coz it's on the other side of the house from them.

Busy with......
a cold. Yuk! Good thing it's over now! Nope that's not me if you were wondering!
Image by Jeroen van Oostrom.
....and followed by cold sores/herpes on my eye!! So have had viruses of different types in my system for a few weeks now.
Then Friday night I made it all worse by almost taking the tip of my finger off!! Eeeew. :)  But it's ok...I'm tough! But it's making typing out this post a bit arduous not being able to use the middle finger on my left hand. lol.

Phew this is a long post hey!!? Almost done though. Hang in there, ok?

Busy also making......
quite a few of these for orders

and this little sweetie......

in one of these, which would be a tea or coffee strainer for a pot.

Ok I'll leave my busyness there for now, and if you come back for the next post I'm thinking I'll have some more of those fabulous vintage images for you that I had a couple of posts back.
Have a fantastic week!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.  ~  Anon


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about all your activities! You should be more careful about who you show that middle finger to though, no wonder you almost lost it!

  2. Looks like you have got the perfect balance of work and pleasure Pam. Well done. I envy you your blue skies and sunshine. Your work station looks great, I don;t like being up in my work room at night either, gets lonely. Hope illness and accidents are behind you now.

  3. Phew that was a long post! Great reading though
    & the pics are great!

  4. Sunshine, good food and best friends, cant beat it can you ?.
    Love the work station and ditto it get lonely out in my work room and way too cold in winter and far too hot in summer, aint no pleasin this old bird. Love your little creation, how cool you have a great imagination Pam. Your home owner (the cat) is as long and gangly as our girl is going to be !!

  5. "Flat out like a lizard drinking"...thats one of my fave'
    Good to see you enjoying yourself Pam...and yes I agree there IS certainly much more to life than computers and sewing machines xxx

  6. Glad to see you had such a lovely time. Have fun with the new work station :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  7. Hi Pam, I'm so jealous! I would love to sip tea by the's where I go metally to relax. Lucky you! Hight tea looks like some very special tea. I'm sorry to hear you were so sick hope you are better. Love the work area arrangement and your new projects especially the strainer, it's amazing. I actully cut out two toys, now all I have to do is get busy and sew. lol I'll let you know when I have something finished. Keep having fun Pam. Hugs, Linda

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