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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Really, there's no hope for me!

I so sometimes wonder about my sanity you know!  :^))))
After everything that's gone on over the last few months (see previous posts if you're not a regular reader here), I've now started up another blog!
I know!! I can hear you saying "what on earth is that girl thinking???!!!!", but really when I ponder upon my recklessness, I'm sure I can handle having another one. No really! Trust me!
All I've done is deleted the page My Recipes, which used to hang up there with My Patterns and My Online Stores etc, and transferred them all over to the new place. ....and it's not something I'm going to stress about having to update too regularly. Just a little bit of fun for myself and anyone else who's happy to take a look at what I'm doing.
I've been having some Aha moments from time to time of late that have helped to put a lot of things into perspective regarding what is important and what isn't.....what might need some anxiety and what definitely doesn't need anxiety.....and what really needs to be done NOW and what doesn't! 
One thing I've worked out is that if it isn't fun, then it needs to change or go. Bit of a no-brainer really hey?  :)

You see.............
Truth is I fell in love with a background that I found with green and white spots and cherries, but it wasn't going to fit in with the header I have for this, my big blog, so I just saved it in the hope that I'd get to use it one day for something........else!  :))
Recently the thought occurred to me that I could transfer everything from the My Recipes page to another blog, that I had waiting in the wings just to practice on, then use the cherries background on that! YES!!!
Now I get to look at and admire the new background whenever I like! I really love the vintage look of it and for some reason it makes me think of when I was a child, and the funny thing is, my sister said the same thing when I showed it to her. Go figure.

But then I also started to think that if I added recipes, quips, quotes, other foodie blogs, fav food/cooking related pics etc and just had a heap of fun with it all, that perhaps I'd start to enjoy cooking again. I seem to have lost the love of it over the years and I do so miss it terribly.
Now this can't be a bad thing can it? mmmm?
The name is My Recipes on Cloth and Creation and you can find the button for it on the right side column.
It's not going to be a high falutin type site by any means. Just your girl next door sort of affair.

Thanks for listening and getting this far down the post. Have a fab long weekend! Well Australians anyhoo.  x

Talk of joy: There may be things better than beef stew and baked potatoes and homemade bread - there may be.  ~  David Grayson


  1. Had a peek at your new blog Pam and it's a great idea !! love the recipes and love the template, enjoy all that you do :o)

  2. To the Grayson quote, add those delish choco cupcakes!
    I cannot believe you're starting another blog; you're Superwoman, Pam!

  3. Did you really think you could brush us under the I've just signed on as a follower :) May your fortune cookie be full of sweet and delightful flavours :) Happy crafting/cooking, Jenny

  4. Hi Pam, Thanks for visiting my P.S. post. Lena is home now, so sweet. I'm going to hop over to visit your new blog, I love to read your posts they always make me smile. I don't really enjoy cooking but I do enjoy trying a new recipe every now and again. Have a great week. Hugs. Linda

  5. Pam from over at is having a heap of trouble commenting on Blogger blogs, so I've said I would add her comments for her. I'm a tad late with this one Pam, sorry.

    "Got you in the reader already! Can't wait to see what
    follows! Hope you have fun with this. I know I am looking forward to
    your new blog ALOT!"

    Well I hope you won't be disappointed by it Pam, but thank you so much for your lovely words. x


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