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Monday, June 6, 2011

My fabulous new things!

How lucky am I then!?
While I was awol from blogging, I started doing things to my studio again to gain better storage and getting to my "stuff" much easier. I'm always looking to make life easier on myself....and why not I say!?

So I set my husband to the task of building me a floor to ceiling shelving system for all my suitcases/ports, after I bought the Spring 2011 issue of Where Women Create. On the cover is the suitcase wall from Gail Reike's studio and knew that's what I needed for mine!
Mind you, hers is much bigger than mine and her suitcases etc are just gorgeous and oh so different to the usual.

Mine is still bare pine as well, but I intend staining it or painting it or or or........ any ideas would be gratefully received.  :)
Still, I'm loving mine over the moon, and think I have a very clever husband. It's sooooo much easier now to get to all the gear in the suitcases instead of having to unpile then pile up again all the time. Oh lucky lucky me!  x

Then the lovely Linda from Random Creativity and I decided we would have a little swap with each other. So fun! I sent her some chenille to make some lovelies for her grandchildren and she sent me this gorgeous wee birdie in an embellished cone. Such a lovely thing to hang from my new shelves, yes?!  :)

Thank you so much Linda for my sweet thing and for throwing in the lovely but very handy little extras too!  x

Some of you may remember that I did a post when I joined in with Georgina from Perpetual One, for Pay It Forward? This is the lovely 'handmade' that I received from her. I'm thinking it fits in so well hanging from my new shelves too. I foresee many, many things fitting in well while they hang from my new shelves! ;))))
Thanks again so much for my sweet bunting Georgina.

.....and last, but not least, for today anyway, are my buys from The Collectorama that was held in Nambour last weekend. Joolz sells at the fair and I usually go up on the Friday with her to help set up, and of course we get to buy some fabulous vintage wares before we go home at the end of the day. The actual fair is on the Saturday.
Not all the traders are there on the Friday setting up, but there are plenty of  them for us to throw our money at! Joolz also gets to have a trawl through all the rest on the Saturday. Lucky Joolz! I've no doubt she will post about all her loot on her blog as well.

That strange looking pile of things on the apple embroidered tablecloth is my half of a box of glass chandelier drops. For some reason my pics aren't all that spiffing today. Sorry.   :(
The white thing with the buttons down the front is actually a piece of vintage women's clothing that they used to wear under jackets instead of blouses, apparently. Bit of a cheat thing I suppose. It fits over the head and then ties around the waist with fine ties attached to the bottom. If you get my drift??I thought this one might make a lovely apron top. One day when I get around to it.

Hope you all have a happy and productive week.  :)

The time is now. The place is here. Live the time and place.  ~  My husband!


  1. Soo loving those new shelves, wonder if I could hire your DH for the day???

    Joolz x

  2. love all those shelves and cool!

  3. ohhh my goodness!!! I have gone to suitcase heaven. I am in love with alll your suitcases & the shelves, amazing!
    I have a slight addiction to cases aswell...but how could I not!
    nice one Pam, shelves, suitcases & hubby!

  4. Pam your shelves are amazing, pat on the back for DH. Love your swap and your treasures too.

  5. Yes, I definitely agree, Pam.... you should paint or stain those shelves.... I'll look after the cases for you while it gets done. I don't mind at all 0:) Seriously though, it looks great!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Love the suite case shelves, I can see them painted in Antique white and all of your lovely coloured cases looking just peachy on them and what a fabo idea !!! I'm stealing it :o)
    Joolz did indeed show us her booty and she did score well :o)I must hunt down that book, never heard of it before.
    Thanks for the great idea Pam.

  7. Ooooo Pam...Im so jealous! What a fabulous idea. Is there an hourly rate you would be willing to hire your hubby out for? lol
    Lucky,lucky you....& well done hubby! xxx

  8. Hi Pam, You are a lucky lady to have a handy hubby, he did a fine job on those shelves and the suitcase organization is wonderful! I so happy you are enjoying the tussie mussie thingy and I'm thrilled to see it hanging on your lovely shelves.

  9. Wonderful collection of suitcases and a great storage system. Love that little "false" blouse front - what a great item to own. Lucky you!

  10. Love those suitcases! Clever hubby for making such a snazzy shelf :) Thanks for your nice comment on my blog lovely lady! Briony xxxx

  11. Lovely just lovely.
    Your suitcases are much lovelier than the one in the book


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