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Monday, June 20, 2011

Change it up...or down...or in....or.......

Something I love to do is alter things, preferably pre-loved things, and give them a whole new lease on life. The idea of re-cycling and hoping to leave a much lighter environmental footprint appeals to me on a very high level.
Over the last few weeks I've been finding the time to play while working and making some 'Altered Art and Couture'.
The tiny birdhouse above used to be a watch and a block of wood in combined previous lives.  :))
It's been prettied up using other re-cycled embellishments such as vintage beads and charms from my most favourite US site for such vintage lovelies, Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies, as well as antique lace, braids and graphics from Digital Collage Sheets

This little sweetie is sitting in a nest that I've made from re-cycled calico strips, yarn and string. The nest is now living in what was an old wire sieve/colander. Don't you just love the unique-ness that comes with using gorgeous vintage items for something completely out of keeping with their original intended use?!
Hopefully I'll be listing these two on my stores today.

This is me wearing a very prettily romantic apron that used to be........

....this. A very prettily romantic skirt. I'll get two aprons from this.
I've also used a sweet heart doiley, an old blingy brooch and some old lace, all re-cycled of course.
I have already listed this on my stores with a few more pics of it. 

This I made for myself. It looks quite good with leggings. It used to be.....

....this. A crumby old longish, stretch t-shirt. I added some antique and vintage lace in a freeform style, along with a tatted lace collar for the shoulder straps and a pocket made from a linen hanky.
I've even added a beautiful little porcelaine brooch that used to be my grandmothers. I don't actually wear the pearls with it, although I have to say it doesn't look too bad in the photo, yes? :))

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.  ~  Winston Churchill


  1. your "new" dress and apron are just wonderful...great the bird nest sieve!
    cheers Julz

  2. As usual your creations are amazing Pam, love your little birdie things and that dress is wonderful!

  3. This post definitely proves your blog has the right name Pam :) They all look great :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. Gorgeous creations Pam, I love every single one of them...wish I could fit into that gorgeous dress of yours...such fun.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. Wow, you are very creative and innovative! I love your work
    Ricki Mountain
    Founder-Groove Press

  6. Loving the dress, if only I was that small to wear something like that.......... sigh....... ('tis on my list of things to do - lose weight!! ;O)).

  7. Oh Pam, All of your creations are awesome. I bet you are as cute as a button in your pretty lacey top. Very clever ideas. Hugs, Linda

  8. I'm with Linda (lillycottage) I wish I could fit into your stunning little dress, and wear the pearls they look perfect with it, very roaring 20's. I do so love the bird nest and bird house....and the you ever rest, such a clever lady :o)

  9. Your creations are absolutely exquisite, Pam!

  10. Georgeous Pam...just gorgeous. As usual your creativity and craftmanship is simply inspiring...beautiful xxx

  11. Taio: Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Really appreciate it, and thanks also for visiting me here. :)

  12. I love the bird in the colander Pam. You must show it to me in person next time I'm over.


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