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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Qld Flood Appeal Auctions


I've decided to join in with a whole lotta other bloggers who will be holding auctions, raffles or sales on their blogs to raise money for the Qld flood victims.

I've been sitting here feeling the need to help in some way and came across this on one of the blogs on my blog list, Fox's Lane, who is also participating.

A list of all the participating bloggers will go up on Toni's blog on Monday, so if you want to help by bidding, buying or even holding your own auction on your blog, for info, please drop by her place and do it! Now please!

I've never done this before, so go easy on me for any mistakes I may make along the way, and I also have no idea what I'll be putting up for auction yet. But I'll have a big think about overnight and post details either tomorrow or Friday.
We can start our auctions anytime from now until the 17th, but they must end on Monday 24th at 9am.

So stay tuned for details of mine. Thank you so, so much in advance.


  1. well done Pam!
    I am loving the LOVE ♥

  2. Can't wait to see what you auction off Pam!
    Hope you raise some big bucks. X

  3. I'm doing the auctions too, with an auction & raffle plus a giveaway tomorrow morning. It will be great & a wonderful way to support our fellow Qld who need so much help. Good luck!! Love Posie

  4. Great idea Pam! It certainly is a great cause.

  5. Great job you!! Sure to raise some money :)

  6. What a great way to support our fellow Qld'ers.
    I dont have a blog...but I'll be there with bells on to do some serious bidding! :)

  7. Can't to see what you put up Pam :-)
    I put one up last night as well. Awesome idea, that I really hope raises a lot of money.

  8. Well done!
    Glad to see you are safe as well.
    Thinking of you all up there - it's hard seeing some of the images from our old home. Anna Bligh is right though... you can't keep a Queenslander down!

  9. goodluck Pam!
    you are definitely wonderful ♥


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