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Monday, November 15, 2010

@ My House.......

Lou's having a couple of week's break from hosting this play along, but I thought I'd still play along a little on my own anyway!  :o)

I mentioned in my last post that Joolz and I were having a table at the Bear and Doll Show yesterday.....I should say that Joolz was having the table/s and I went along to help her set up etc, and she insisted that I put some of my things on the table too. Isn't she the bestest?! A true bestie(is that a word?)
Well she didn't do too badly, and I didn't sell a thing, but didn't I have some fun buying some gorgeous laces!!  :o)))

Can't you just see these lovelies dressing up a few aprons!!? Ooh yes!!

Some sweet bits and pieces, a couple of beautiful bibs, a big roll of fine tulle with some sweet pink embroidery, couple of lovely braids. and some really nice pearls and vintage buttons and blingy pearl earrings that I snaffled off Joolz!
Talk about spending the profits before you even make them! lol.

Apart from my usual doings to list in my stores, I've also started working on these with help from the darling husband who has been cutting out shower mitts for me.
Would you believe I got an order for 100 of them!!!!!!!!!!?????????
Scoop, yes!? Very exciting indeed.
The working out of colours, finding where to cut from, and the cutting takes the longest time. The sewing up won't be nearly as arduous. But I'm definitely not complaining. No way Jose!

I've also been trying to get some tag sets for Christmas finished to list in my stores too.
This is the beginning of it anyhoo....

Happy week!

Happiness is perfume, you can't pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself. ~  James Van DerZee


  1. Pam, Congratulations on that big order. You did good on your shopping spree too. If you have time you should hop on over to my blog to see how you inspired me for my Pink Saturday post. Have a good day!

  2. You did well with those lovely laces, jut as well I have enough of my own!
    Happy sewing with all those mitts! You'll have to teach you know who how to sew next lol!

  3. Yes congratulations on th e order. You are going to be busy. The lace is beautiful.

  4. Congrats on the order, Pam. How many yellow :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. Good stash you bought Pam. Congrats on the huge order.


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