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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspired, Motivated and Grateful....

I was inspired to create a little nest for a little birdie in this sweet little cup in it's little saucer, after I procured it from Joolz when she said she would toss it if I didn't want it.

It's quite chippy and would be a bit hard for her to sell as a collectible, so I couldn't let it be tossed could I? Not when it would make such a lovely home for this little cutie?
The nest looks a bit like I've just stuffed a whole pile of fibre and twigs and mohair into the cup, in this pic, but not true. Nuh uh! It's a woven thing, with wire and raffia and fibres and twigs and string and mohair. Should have taken another pic with it out of the cup maybe?

Then I was motivated to start on the range of aprons I've been wanting to put into action for a long time.
This motivation came from reading one of my many fav mags Apronology. Love love love Stampington mags!!

The result was this one in whites.... mostly vintage linens, doilies, netting and laces.

I enjoyed making it so much, I'm now wondering why it took me so long to start!!
I'm definitely making more very soon.
Vintage linens and teacloths and hankies etc are so lovely to work with and create such pretty looks.

....and I'm grateful for all the fabulous people I've connected with through blogging!!
One in particular is Christabel from Zinnia Pea. A couple of days ago she just up and did a feature post about my madeit store Sweet Chenille!!! How fabulous is that??
I came to know her when she became one of my fav customers a few months ago. She's such a friendly and gracious lady.
Thank you so much, once again Christabel!  x


Joolz and I will be selling our goodies here this weekend:

Summertime Doll & Bear Show

Sunday 14th November

9 - 3pm

RNA Showgrounds Brisbane

if you're in the area on Sunday, please come and have a little look in and say hi to us. We'd love to see you!

To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is . . .you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived.  ~  Jonathan Livingston Seagull


  1. Your apron is beautiful, what a work of art! The little cup and saucer bird's nest is too sweet.

  2. Pam, The apron is beautiful. No one should ever wear it while cooking. The bird in a cup is sweet. It matches the cup. Do you have birds in every color? So you wove a nest? You have inspired me today. I've been looking for a Pink Saturday idea and you have helped. I'm going to try to get it together before Saturday. Have a great day. Good luck with your show, I wish I could be in the area to stop by.

  3. Stunning apron.......... it must have been a delight to make. Love that little cup and bird too......... the cup was far to good to throw out and you have made lovely use of it.

  4. Aww I want that cup back now that it looks so cute lol!
    Love the apron too, too good to wear tho!

  5. What a lovely home for that beautiful birds and its exquisitely woven nest!

    The apron is lovely!

  6. Such a clever sister I have!

  7. What a sweet bird for that cup and saucer. There is nothing I like better than to upcycle unwanted kitchen ware.

  8. that bird looks so content i hope you don't find yourself with a whole family moving in with him. love your apron and i couldn't agree more, i love working with vintage linen. it is such gorgeous quality compared to new fabric


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