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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another "Join In"

Ok I've  joined another meme! They can be fun you know.

This one is hosted by The Clip Cafe and is called "My Wonderful WIP"
"Would you like to share your "Wonderful WIP" - that is your work in process?? It can be anything from crafting, sewing, vege patches (Hmm might have to add another button for that lol) etc - anything that is a work in process."

This is my first offering for this meme and of course it's more birds!  :))  Of course!
So keep watching and hopefully you'll see some sweet creation arise from this mess!

So if you'd like to share your works in process or join in with the fun, pop over to The Clip Cafe for more info.


  1. Thanks so much for being the first to join in!! Can't wait to see what will become of your stash :-)

  2. Oh No, Pam!!! Are NO great toys and games safe with you!! That looks like a block puzzle in the pic...I've seen what you do with :) Happy crafting, Jenny


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