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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ciao baby! I've called it a day!

Well I've said farewell and ciao and au revoir to The Studio Downstairs.
The doors are now closed to my little online store, but that's ok coz I have plans and I'm still listing my creations on my madeit and etsy stores and still selling on The Chocolate Crow Trader.

As the saying one door closes, another door opens! I just know the next door will be opening really wide for me.  :)) .....and there will be treasures aplenty sitting inside it.

A big thank you to all who Followed and checked the store out. I appreciate your support indeed!

Reach for the stars. Even if you have to stand on a cactus!  ~  Unknown


  1. Wishing you loads of luck with whatever is behind that new door that's about to open for you Pam ;-)xo.

  2. Good Luck! I loved the quote about reaching for the stars even thought you might have to stand on a cactus!!!! :O)))))))))))))))))

  3. Hi Pam,Its sad to hear that you have closed your store....but I wish you every success in any new ventures! The world is your they say! :) Hugz, Judy.

  4. You just gave me such a fright, I thought you were saying goodbye to blogging!! Glad you're still with us, and I do believe another door will open & it will be perfect timing & hold the perfect opportunity...

  5. Has my humour finally got to you....the quote...I love it :))) As to one door closing, and a new one opening, think of all that!! Best wishes for the future, and happy crafting, Jenny

  6. I'm excited for you. I love etsy and hope all of your things find lovely homes!

  7. I hope the door opens wide & welcoming for you Pam, how exciting a new adventure, may the stars hang low so you wont need that prickly cactus :-)
    Happy days

  8. Judy...Thanks so much for those wonderful words Judy. Such great encouragement for me. But I'm sure I'll do well with my madeit and etsy stores. Hopefully! :))


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