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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Creative sweet!

My creative space this week involved chenille again. Sweet pink chenille!
I started this yesterday for my etsy and madeit stores.......

today ~~ potholder front with a matching dishcloth.......

back, made from another vintage tablecloth.
Edit: I have been naggingly reliably informed by the darling husband that I should have mentioned that the pot holder is actually a CUPCAKE!! So I'm humouring him a tad!  ;)))))))))

For more sweet spaces pop over to Kirsty's here.


  1. That's gorgeous Pam! I love the chenille & the pattern of the tablecloth back, so lovely! Thanks for your comments on my blog, it's always so nice to hear from you too. Your shops are looking fantastic!

  2. Do you ever sleep? Ha! ha! Lovely work. Tell you what, that pinny with the scotty on the previous post is a beauty!!

  3. I love that your husband thinks we needed to be told. Very sweet set indeed.


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