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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm late, I'm late......said the White Rabbit and me!

You know, I was going to publish a post with something along the lines of:  Is it only me or are there others of you out there that are finding it hard to juggle "stuff" and life as well as finding it very difficult to get around to all my favourite blogs to read them and leave comments etc etc?????????????????????................
But then, while I was sitting here last night trying to pump up the energy and motivation to decide what I wanted to do, I looked over at my blog list and Kate's post title caught my eye. After reading that particular post (well done Kate and heaps of good luck with it!) I scooted down to her previous post and POW!...she had posted about the very same thing I had been thinking of doing, and thanks to that post I'm not feeling so bad or guilty about not getting read my fav leave those put up a giveaway, for my 100th post, as a thank you for all my wonderful Followers and readers (even though this will be my 115th!!!!!).
After seeing the amazing amount of comments that that post illicited and the thread of those comments, I realised that so many of us are in the same-ish boat together. Perhaps it's to do with the pace the world moves at today, or even the limits/boundaries/expectiations that we place on oursleves(or both) and others, that we find there is never enough time for all those things we want to fit into our lives!!??
I don't have the children or the job/career outside the home, but still I find it hard to juggle everything in my life into some kind of organised chaos, and wish it didn't feel quite so frantic as it does at times!  :) But you know, we all have our own stresses, our own dynamics within our home and or work life and they can be many and varied and we all have our own unique way of dealing with them.  That doesn't/shouldn't detract from the importance or hugeness of them in our own minds no matter what we think others are thinking. No one has that right to judge how easy or hard someone elses life might be, without walking that proverbial mile in their shoes. I'm fairly sure that our fellow bloggers wouldn't go down that road. You're all way too gorgeous to do that. (Let's also not forget those bl**dy hormones for many of we women, whether that be from menopause or pregancy or other conditions, which can be a whole different hugeness on it's own!!!! AND a whole story on it's own! lol.)

Sooooo anyhoo I thank Kate for inadvertently helping me with this issue by posting as she did. I've also now added a button to my right-side column for Blogging Without Obligation with a link back to tartx. I've had this button saved on my box for weeks now and Kate's post gave me the kick to JUST DO IT! Worth a read I think.
I do manage always to respond to all the wonderful comments I receive and I appreciate them all more than you'll all know....although I suppose if we are in the same-ish boat as I suggested, then you probably already do know! But at the mo I'm not always commenting on your blogs as much as I'd like, and I think I got to feeling so bad about it all when I realised what wonderfully generous and oh so friendly readers I have visiting me here at my humble blog. How lucky am I to have you all? I mean I knew how lovely you all are already, but it really hit home with all those amazing comments I received on the post about Wired Wendy! To receive all that praise and encouragement about something that I thought was a bit weird and wasn't even sure was good enough to post about really went to my heart. I thought then how lucky I was, coz I know if the sentiment wasn't truly meant then it needn't even be left in a comment. Big hugs to you all! xoxo

I've been missing all those memes/join in's that I love to take part in too. But I'm now feeling much better about it all and realise that there isn't any blog police out there ready to jump on me for being late with a meme or a post or even the giveaway! lol.
After all, we do these blogs to meet new people, have fun and just generally blather away about nothing much sometimes......don't we? So let's chill out dude, and try to put some joy and fun back into our lives, or at least our online ones!  :))

So with all that said and off my shoulders and mind and knowing those blog police aren't watching me, I leave you with pics of At my house and My Creative Space combined and some more of my vintage finds over the last couple of weeks. That's another meme I'm going to join in with....umm soon! Hah! 

Another, but slightly smaller chenille bluebird.

The following are pics of another(!!!!!) change around in my studio in another attempt to make more room for storage.  :))
This is now where I "show" all my finished items. This was possible after I moved my two shelf units out into the laundry area, where they create a faux wall and wonderfully create, finally, a proper laundry (sort of!). Loving it! See below.

Looking out through the studio door into the laundry.
Through the back door into the "new" laundry.
Then of course my poor husband had to re-arrange all his stuff in his work area and garage. He's still working on that coz he's working at Bribie Island at the mo and hasn't had a lot of time to spare. Well it was he who decided I should have this much room, and it was he who suggested that I take the space where the car used to be so that it then had to be moved to the other side of the garage which meant that he had to move everything else around.......well you get the picture I'm sure! The domino effect I'm sure!

He has a little ways to go as you can see. Ahh well you get that!

Wow!! This has been my longest post to date, I'm sure! At least it's all out of my system now, and I thank you for bearing with me, if you've come down this far!!
Thank you all so very much for listening.

Today I want to: bake some cookies, make more craft, make another birdcage, finish up cleaning up the studio, make a nutloaf for dinner, spend some time with the furry children, spend some quality time in my mind, read some fav blogs, list more things on madeit and etsy, make a batch of soap and the list goes you all know!  :)) I'll get some done and be ok with that.
Ciao for now.

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world. ~ John Evelyn


  1. Hi Pam. Great post and great link to Kate's post. I can second all of that from you and from Kate. Blogging and the blogging community is so much fun that I still want to try and stay here for a while yet even though I find it hard too. I don't get back to all of the comments I should and I comment on way less than half of the blogs I look at. I still enjoy them. I don't blog about all of the things I want to or write as much as I want to because I just don't have the time when other things need to be done. You are certainly not alone.

    Thanks for joining in this week with 'at my house'. Lovely to see what's happening for you. Lots of lovely changes going on.

    All the best. Lou.

  2. ahhh Pam, it's the same guilt that we all feel so very often & once the blogworld becomes an obligation & a chore then it's time for a wee break.
    I agree and understand as I have been feeling the squeeze of late, but I just read along through google reader and at least can catch up on things without popping in & out of blogs.
    If a comment needs to be here, then I do.
    do not reply back to this as I know that you always do reply, even if a few days pass.
    My new motto is that I don't reply to every single comment as that is the hardest part i feel to blogging.
    hugs to you, happy baking, creating, resting, juggling and all the other stuff.
    I'm off to make some honey jumbles as my little ones want to take some to nannys tomorrow.

  3. Hi Pam dear, oh I feel the same exactly, where does time go! I love blogging but some weeks it just dose not happen, I am so in love with your chenille bird, love love love him! You are so clever, cheers katherine

  4. I agree with you and have said much the same thing in the past on my Blog. I think you just have to plod along and do the best you can in the time you have available. You have been busy Pam with all your rearranging, looking very good and your little chenille bird is lovely

  5. Glad to know we are not alone, Pam....I too feel guilty when I don't always visit, or leave comments. I haven't even read a book in too many months! I'm now off to check Kate's blog :) Enjoy your weekend, Jenny

  6. I have to say ditto to everyone here today! I dont feel a personal pressure to keep up, I just simply feel there isnt enough time to do everything I wont to do, or at I should say, everything thats in my head! I read everyones blogs but dont always comment, but I'm not beating my self up about it! I think its the great comfort of knowing they'll still be there next time and I may leave a comment next time !
    I enjoyed reading this post Pam.

  7. Oh, where to begin!! Kate's post touched me too, a bit of a reality check, that we have more important things going on than blogging & reading our most dear & favourite blogs, & I certainly don't think any of us are going to be condemned for being a little absent every now & then, even though in truth we would rather be blogging all day sometimes! Your space is amazing, lucky you & what a generous man you have! Love the pretty bird & all your wonderful finds. You have some very busy plans, enjoy! x

  8. Thank goodness there aren't any blog police looking over our shoulders or I'd be in some serious trouble but there aren't and I'm not worrying about it any more. We can only do what we can do and sometimes life gets in the way. Judging by your post and the comments on mine I think so many of us are feeling this way so we have to give ourselves permission to be kinder to ourselves and just do the best we can.
    Thanks for this post Pam. I really enjoyed reading your perspective.
    I love reading your blog and seeing what you've been up. I love the gorgeous bird and all your wonderful treasures.
    I hope you are having a great weekend. XX

  9. I can echo your sentiments exactly. I've been experiencing the same feelings of obligation, guilt, and feeling torn with my own blog, and have likewise found that it's almost a blogwide pandemic. How did we all get so caught up and off track? Thank you for introducing me to BWO. It's wonderful to know that some of the great minds and talents out there are putting a kibosh on the madness and are bringing it back down to earth. Jenn

  10. Thanks for this one Pam. I think we can all relate to it. I wouldnt miss blogging for the world. So much to see and so much to learn..........

    Loved having a look at your space and of course your blue bird. :O))))))

    And yes, re your comment on my post: I would love to park a gypsy caravan on my drive!!!!!

  11. Hi Pam,

    So glad I stopped by to visit this morning. Love your comments. I get my self stressed too and you know that's why I started to blog. I needed a stress release. So I must tell myself. Enjoy the ride, don't rush. Love your new look, I wanted to say that the last time I was here and forgot. I would love to go through that lovely fabric stack and I mentioned before I'd like to peek in all those drawers filled with treasure.

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Oh Pam I'm so sorry you fell into that rut but am glad to see you're climbing out of there. I was so shocked at Kate's post and was doubly shocked to read so many girls were in the same boar and now to see you too - phew! It's great to feel you're not alone or going nuts in front of a screen isn't it???
    Han in there Pam, take it easy and follow your intuition. Huge Hugs from me to YOU. xoxo


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