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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Having Fun!

I've definitely found a fun medium in wire. I can see me making many more things with it. Even with the sore and bloodied fingers(maybe I should wear gloves!? :))), I'm really enjoying working with it.

You may have seen this little cage in my creative space last week? This is the end result that will go up on Chocolate Crow on the 15th. I'm sooo loving how it finished up. I already have so many other different versions of this floating around in my head!

My other item for Chocolate Crow is this lovely red, white and black apron that I've made with a re-purposed teatowel and some vintage cross-stitched placemats and napkin. Almost kept it for myself, but there wasn't enough time to make something else!!  :))
Speaking of aprons, if you like to make them, I found a fabulous site/blog(?) called Tipnut that gives links to 51 free apron patterns/tutorials!!! Just thought I'd like to share that little morsel with all of you.  :)
And who's that standing beside Wendy?! It's her new sister Ruby, and isn't she just gorgeous?  I bought her from lovely Lisa over at Olive Grove Primitives. After she saw my post about Wendy the other day, she told me she had a mannequin for sale at a great price I couldn't resist, and the rest is history.
Wendy now also has legs, of a sort!! Ha! She sits on top of a little retro-y stool with metal legs that has one of those little sets of steps that folds back into the legs. Now that's re-cycling, re-purposing and resourceful don't you think??

Update from another My Creative Space post is above. These little things were in the pic, but sort of just lurking.....  :) The two cages haven't been totally successful and not fully finished, but they were a way of finding if I thought I would like making these sort of things....and I do indeedy!! It's working out how to do all the neat little finishing touches that take the time. How to bring all the ends together at the top and finish them off properly, if you know what I mean? I also find it hard to find very small eggs, or anything that can be used for eggs in the nests.
If anyone knows of somewhere I can buy them, I'd be very grateful.
The third little object is my version of little wire nests that I've seen here and there around the internet. They look so cute and I thought one would look lovely in one of my tiny cages, but after making it I can also see them as jewellery. Or in the centre of fabric flowers.
The scope is endless for my new found love of wire! :)))

and finally this is the end result of the mug cosy I had in last week's post for MCSspace. It's not vintage chenille, but new stuff, and I really don't like working with it as much as I do vintage!
Not sure if this is even sellable really. I will have to have a big think about how to "do them up" if I'm going to use woven fabric instead of wool/stretch materials.
With this one cording pieces that you have to pull over to each button and wrap around it snugly. Does that sound workable to anybody?  :))
The way I figure it, I have to make them easily adjustable(?) to fit various sized mugs or cups, as well as through and around their handles. mmmmm, maybe straps and velcro? But it has to look attractive as well.
I'll work it out I'm sure.

Ciao for now.   x

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  1. Wow you have been busy! I love how your cages have turned out, the little birds are sweet too. Gorgeous apron & mug cosy - love that idea!

  2. I love the wire work, Pam....particularly the little 'miniatures'(?) I tend to like the really fiddly crafts Happy crafting, Jenny

  3. Hi there Pam,
    I bought tiny, weeny eggs from Chris...Im sure they are the size you need, ........
    Your items look lovely, well done..
    I love that you are making so many different things.....x

  4. Your wire work is looking AWESOME! I love the littl nests and cages!! Man! Wish I was in Brissy again!!

  5. Being as you're so talented, couldn't you make eggs from Fimo?? Perhaps I could make some and sell them to you?? Ha ha.

  6. Oh, I positively adore that little cage with the tiny eggs! I'm so glad I found you. I was contacted by Sara at the carnival of shopping. Looks like both of our blogs were featured in their recent article. I was trying to figure out if they had a button or some other way to show my gratitude, and thought I'd check out some of the other featured bloggers to get ideas. I'm so glad that yours was the first I clicked. I've added your blog to my reader and my Google homepage. Cheers! Jenn


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