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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space(s)!

I ended up taking a page out of Cathie's book today for my creative space. Cathie has a fabulous blog where she posts mostly about her cooking ventures and experiences.
I had intended sewing(working) today, but ended up starting the husband off with the bread making. We started making our own a few weeks ago and after a couple of bad results we have been experimenting. One of those results was after finding our bread machine was dead! We had been using it on just the dough setting and then putting it in the tin ourselves to bake.
If any of you have ever made bread from scratch, you'll know that it takes a good deal of kneading.
So while we were getting him set up, I started thinking that maybe I'd have a go at making some no-knead bread. I used to make it years ago, but seem to remember the husband not being too keen on it for reasons unknown now.
Good thing we both like bread, cos we were going to have a bit to chomp our ways through. Even if he didn't like it I'd still have my own to myself!

For reasons known only to the Universe, I gave away/got rid of(?) a second big black bread tin, so.......his loaf is the one on the right and mine was done in a large loaf tin (loaf in the middle), and I made the rest of my dough up as small rolls in a ring tin.

Now of course he says that the no-knead tastes rather nice. Ya think darl!? :) So I guess we'll be taking the easy way out with our bread in the future. Yay for no-knead is all I can say! Lol.

Have no idea what got into me but in between helping him with his loaf and getting my bread done, I whipped up (always wanted to say that in relation to something I'd made!!) a batch of Anzac cookies.


I did manage to squeeze in very quick (well almost) creative space to finish off this collage. I started it a few weeks ago as one of the little private challenges that Joolz, Laura and I throw at ourselves now and then. I got it all done except the very middle piece that just seemed to "happen", and I haven't been able to decide what was needed there. I've placed a piece of the watercolour paper that we used to mount them on, over this area cos I forgot to take a before pic! Oops.


In the end I decided to go with simple, and drew a fancy black line and glued two teeny pearl beads on it. Hopefully it suits? I suppose, as I'll be keeping it for myself cos I just loved the look of it overall, it will do for now.

Sorry hadn't meant to do such a long post for this.

Pop over to Kirsty's blog for a list of other blogs with fab creative spaces!


  1. The bread looks great, Did I miss a link to the recipe ?

  2. Bread looks yummy! I fancy a slice of that circular loaf.....

    Love the collage and the central line is just perfect.

    I left you a message on my blog re the Lily of The Valley photo.... feel free to use it. Wish you could smell them........... They spread like wildfire under the ground and tend to like a shady area. :O)

  3. Mmmm, homemade bread, YUM! Your collage is lovely, too...I know someone who would absolutely adore that!

  4. Wow! YOur bread looks like a photo from a book. Just starting to make our own and its a steep learning curve. Love your collage too. Hope you have a super weekend :)

  5. wow, you have been really busy Pam!
    thank you so very much for the sweet very sweet of you ♥
    I also don't make bread because of the kneading so I am definitely interested in your no knead recipe. Luckily our Mr Chef makes our bread.

    enjoy the bread, we also LOVE bread & I think I need to get my bread machine out again.

    p.s no baking in my space today..hehee

  6. It's been quite a while since I have made bread the old-fashioned way....I've never used a bread-maker. I too, would be interested in the recipe. Have fun, Jenny

  7. Love your collage, very nice how the detailed frame holds the "nature" so nicely.

  8. Hot fresh bread straight from the oven with butter melting on top... YUM!

  9. Homemade bread (slightly cooled) slathered with butter...YUM! Makes me think of my mother. She baked yeast breads. I do not. I sometimes bake bannna or pumpkin bread or Maraschino nut loaf. All heavy textured breads. Your bread photo looks great and so does your nature collage. The word(Nature)and the dragonfly caught my eye.

  10. mmmmmmm bread. looks delicious. And you'll just have to invite everyone over for a cuppa and some bread snackies to devour it all!

  11. What I shame I won't be over today to help you eat it! Looks so good and the last lot was yum!

  12. Your collage looks beautiful Pam. And I LOVE your bread, tasted really nice.

  13. Home baked bread is so yum! And I love your natural collage. Just beautiful! Wendy xx

  14. I love that no knead bread too! It's so deliciously good, it seems almost strange that so little effort is used in it for such a fab bread :)

  15. Your collage looks great Pam!
    Just saw on your sidebar the link to the apron swap, would have been great to have been part of it, but I see the signups have long past. Maybe next time!


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