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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anyone else have this problem???

Actually that is probably a silly question really! Maybe I should ask if anyone else knows they have this problem?
I kept thinking that I would make a post about this, but just kept putting it off. But what happened on Thursday night, and the fact that I have just posted a question about it in Blogger forum, has finally pushed me enough to "get to it!!"
I had been getting suspect comments on my posts from time to time, but I would just trashcan it. But on Thursday night I opened up my email to 14!!!! yep 14 of them. This charming piece of trash had gone into my blog and left one of these extremely rude spam emails one after the other on 14 different posts.
Now this isn't just any old spam. Every one of them has been in Chinese and they all lead back to a perfectly legitimate Chinese Blog site. 
But the twist is that each comment is just a LONG list of LOTS of phrases, that to me look like they are in Chinese. But, each of them is a link in itself and on clicking one of them, I'm led to an adult content site. Too charming!
Or another trick is to leave a comment that looks like a strange sort of proverb, but then it's followed by a LOOOOOOOOONG string of full stops (periods), and each of them is a link to an adult content site! I discovered this one day while reading one of these comments and my cursor moved over the top of a dot.
Totally unbelievable!!!!.........or maybe not so unbelievable given what goes on in the world these days. Very sad really.
I have seen these comments left on other blog sites as well, all over the place, and I've mentioned it in my comments in case these bloggers haven't caught on.
After finding one of them on a most favourite blog this afternoon, I went into Blogger forum and posted there hoping to find out if anything can be done to stop them doing it. I know it will probably be a really hard call for Blogger, but it's worth a try.
The problem is, I would think, that they are opening up legitmate blogs, but then don't do anything with them, just use them as a way under the radar to leave their smutty little links.
And I know I could moderate my comments so they can't appear on my posts, but this isn't going to stop them doing what they do. Unless of course we could get every blogger, everywhere to moderate their comments!! lol. What would be the chances of that??
Anyhoo, I've had my gripe, and suppose, managed to warn others if they want to be warned. 
Don't get me wrong please. I have no problem with people visiting any site they wish, doing anything they wish in their private lives. To each her/his own. But what I do object to is these lowlifes leaving their rubbish on my site without my permission, and when I've expressly mentioned it above the comment box!
Thank you one and all. I now step down from my soap box.  :))))) 

 May your neighbors respect you, troubles neglect you, the angels protect you, and Heaven accept you. 


  1. Pam I am so grateful to you for bringing this to my attention today! I have had these comments pop up on a few occasions & have been completely oblivious to their content. Thank you also for getting onto blogger, I'll have a go too & see what we might be able to come up with. In the meantime at least fellow bloggers can now be aware of these comments as they appear. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

    By the way, I too was thinking of making my motifs into a little hangy thing...very excited!

  2. I've recently had the same problem with my blog.It's such a pain and one I can certainly do without.They seem to be more frequent as well :( Barb.

  3. Hi Pam, I to have had them and a lot but I just reject them before they get posted on my blog. I am so pleased that someone has done a post on this because I to was wondering if anyone can do something about this. Well done Pam. Have a beautiful Evening Lisa

  4. Yes, Pam. I've had them too. But I always moderate my comments so they don't get through to my blog.
    I think Blogger will have problems stopping this as it's probably an electronic programme blitzing every Blogger address rather than individuals spending hours roaming the web. Well done though for alerting Blogger.

  5. Hi Pam, yep i think the only way is for us each to moderate our blogs but i agree it would be wonderful if blogger could put a stop on them doing this,thanks for sharing

  6. I always moderate and this solves the probelm, I think !

  7. Hi Pam........ I wondered what was going on with the bloody things. I have deleted them as I have gone, but will check on back posts.

  8. I just keep deleting them , didn't realise what they were .

  9. Thanks for the warning Pam. I haven't had any yet but will keep an eye out for the nasties!

  10. Thanks for all your responses to my post ladies. Much appreciated.
    I received this reply to my blogger question, this morning from one of their top contributors:

    At this time there is nothing that Blogger can do specifically to block these comment spammers. They use different accounts and if one is blocked they will just start another. The best thing we can do is totally discourage them by moderating comments and not publishing them. Over the last couple of months between comment moderation and not allowing anonymous comments I have reduced the spammers from about thirty in one day to maybe one or two a month.

  11. I get one maybe every few months. Just report the sight to Blogger. I don't want to moderate :(
    hope things clear up for you soon!

  12. Yes, I started moderating my comments because of this very thing! So far, it has worked. They even wrote the word "beautiful" and then had several dots behind it. I was told that each of these dots led to a Chinese adult porn site. I thank the person who told me that!

  13. You are right, Pam--you were the one who told me about the dots, and I really thank you for it! :)

  14. I had a few a while ago, they went and commented on half a dozen posts on the one day... didn't know what it lead to though, golly glad I didn't go there! Moderation or word verification is supposed to help. word verification today is crepily!!


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