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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something quite different!

You'll probably need to click on the writing to read it properly!! :)


EDIT: It has become apparent to me that some of my readers couldn't read this post properly so I've decided to type it here as well so that others won't have the problem. Sorry.....
"I'm a bit late, well a lot late really, with this post but this is the first chance I've had to blog in a couple of days.
I was really excited, and still am, that I won the April challenge on Mind Wide Open!!!! (http://mind/ nah! Scratch that! Too hard! I'll put a proper link at the end of this post! :))
So, I won a $20 shopping voucher to spend in Gail's store ~ Shabby Cottage Studio. How fabulous is that?!
Thank you heaps Gail and I'll be back next month.
If you'd like to join in the fun, then visit MWO (link below! or above maybe!!) on the 1st of each month to pick up the image you'll need. You have a week to do the creative thing. Full details on the site.


Now in case you're wondering why I've done this post like this (besides the fact that I've gone a little loopy), it's because I've taken up the challenge put up by Jackie from Dog-Daisy Chains to make Wednesday "Writing Wednesday" so as to not lose the art of handwriting..........I think! I'd write more details, but as you can see my writing is getting worse 'cause my thumb is getting sore!! lol! When finished we're supposed to scan it in or take a pic and post it! So if you want to know more or just want to join in the crazy fun, go click on the "Handwriting" button that's on the right side of page.
Go on -- you know you want to! :))
Oh my! Hope you can understand this untidy mess!


  1. You get taught "joined up writing" out in Aussieland then? Quite cultured aren't you? ha! ha! ha! ha! :O)))))))))))))))))))))))
    ( I feel an international incident coming on!)

    Wasn't this a fascinating thing to take part in? I loved your comment re "go on, you know you want to....................."

    Cathy x

  2. No no! No more! I'm trying to keep up!
    Just kidding..its been such fun to read them all. I'm collecting them for a mosaic.Thanks for doing it and spreading the word.


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