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Friday, April 23, 2010

She's apples!

After I made the chenille pinkeeps that I showed on a previous post, I started to wonder about what else I could make using the shape of an apple and came up with these too cute (I think so anyhoo!) apple potholders, one in green and one in red.

I've used one of my small vintage floral tablecloths to use on the back as a contrast rather than using chenille all over.
I'm loving them!

They could probably be used as a fabric trivet as well I suppose.

I opened two stores on madeit & etsy just recently and called them Sweet Chenille.
Quite appropriate really cos I'll be only putting up things made from chenille. Funny thing that!
As I say in my profile for them both, I was sitting looking at my collection and decided it was silly to have it all sit there and not do much with it, and I was struck with divine inspiration.
That's how it all started, and I'm very happy to say that I've made my first sale on etsy! Yay!
These two items will go up tonight or tomorrow.

Speaking of apples, I got a lovely mention by Amanda Fuller, author of the Australian Indie, Handmade and Design blog Calico & Co a couple of days ago, when she featured my Apple Pinkeeps, amongst other apple items, on her blog. You can see them all here.
I'm well pleased indeed!! Thanks so much Amanda. Such a nice thing to do.

Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?? Mmmm. Maybe! :)


  1. They are fantastic!! What a clever idea...and they look so cute too! Hope all is well :)

  2. These are just gorgeous! That chenille, once it's in the blood, you just can't get rid of it can you! I really love to see what others do with the stuff.

    Selina xx

  3. They look great! Well done!

  4. LOVE the apple pot holders.

  5. Love the apples...especially the red one :) I wonder what you would make with yellow Happy crafting, Jenny

  6. Love your apples , they won't last long in your new shop !

  7. Aww they're adorable! I wish I had the talent to make things like this! :D

  8. LOVE the little pot holders!! How cute!!

  9. I lOVE these little apple pot holders! Well done to you!

  10. They look fabulous! I bet they'd brighten up any kitchen.


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