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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pincushion swap for ????

A lot of the creative bloggers taking part in the Fox's Lane Pincushion Swap have been giving peeks of what they are making so I thought I would join in and put up a pic of the one I'm doing too. We can't say to whom we're sending though, until after our partners receive their swap.

It doesn't look as appley as it does in rool life, but now my next decision is green or red!!! lol.
I thought I would also cut out extras at the same time and put some in my online store.
Pop over to Kate's blog for a look at the loooooooooong list of swappers if you like. Link above.


Thought I'd also put up some better, more closer-up pics of my items for Chocolate Crow Trader.

This is Baby Ben made from the vintage doiley.

and meet Raggedy in her Best Frock.

Joolz's item is sweet Amy, and from next month she'll be able to publish her own items cos she now has her very own blog, from which she also sells her lovelies.
It's called Beary Vintage. Congrats Joolz, way to go!


........and what do you think of these! Aren't they so gorgeous. I'm just loving them! (oh no....she's bringing out the cats again!!! I can hear you thinking this!! lol)
They were a thank you gift from my niece for helping her with something a couple of weeks back, and were a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise, and my pics don't do them any justice at all! Sorry Kylie. :)

This is of my oldest puss Pushka, and she looks so sweet. Definitely doesn't reflect her true nature! lol. Kylie has really brought out the best in her. I'm being a little mean here. I love her to pieces, but she can be a very cranky little bugger!! But that doesn't mean she can't look cute does it? Ha!

These are of course our lovely mother and daughter team, Puss & Kit. They really are such good natured kitties and I also love them to pieces. Ok, ok! I'll stop waxing lyrical......
Kylie took these pics while she was here, cos she's an up and coming young photographer who is just starting out on her own, and hoping to make it GOOD in this big wide world.
She has printed these out on canvas photo paper and then mounted them in their respective ways. How cute is the scrapbooky way she has done up Puss and Kit?
She is an excellent photographer and I wish her all the best with all my love for her future with her new venture.
Thanks so much again Kylie. Luv them and you! :)
She has just opened her own new blog to get her little feelers out there and see what comes of it. So please pop over and have a squizz at her wonderful work. It would be greatly appreciated.
Her new business is
kylie gillis PHOTOGRAPHY
ph:0400 826 366
on location photography

Whoever you are, be noble;
Whatever you do, do well;
Whenever you speak, speak kindly;
Give joy wherever you dwell.
~ author unknown to myself.


  1. Love the apples, Pam. I can't believe you even add the twiggy bit on top! Have you given your niece permission to practice her photography on your!.....think of the extra craft time! Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. nice! decisions decisions...RED!!
    lucky, your own personal photographer, that would be fun.

  3. love everything you've been up to....
    the apple is so is my favourite colour!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. The apple is sooo cute..a pear would be fun too, i can imagine a whole fruit bowl of these. You are always so clever and your things are always filled with such whimsy and fun. The bears face has so much emotion in his eyes, how do you do it? cheers Katherine

  5. The apples look great! Such a treat :)

  6. O that apple looks super cute.

  7. LOVE the bear!!! Love your chenille pincushions as well, glad you went with the green one!


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