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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Place & Yours

This week it's about gadgets! Yep those little things that help to make your life a bit easier. :)
Theme queen this week is Susan over at It's the Things That Make You Go MMMM. Quirky name huh? If you feel the need to see other people's gadgets, then pop over to Hello Owl to see the list of links to visit. Or you can also join in the meme at the same place.

So my handy little gadget that I've found wonderfully helpful is this rotary cutter and board(?) given to me by a good friend that had bought it to use in her quilt making, but couldn't really get the hang of it!

I've found it one of the handiest gadgets to help me along with quite a few things I've made using fabric.

I use it mainly for cutting those dead straight lines around graphics and piccies that I've printed onto calico & canvas photo paper.
I just find that it cuts much better than a scapel and metal ruler, and you can see through the board which is a great help.


  1. Darn! I was going to show my rotary cutter and ruler. They really are the greatest!

  2. couldn't agree more. love mine, although my board isn't in good nick like yours. i'm afraid i'm a bit of a slasher

  3. Good one, Pam. I'm sure this keeps you on the 'straight and narrow' ;) (that's meant to be a wink) Happy crafting, Jenny

  4. Thanks for visiting midge. Love to see new people coming in. Aren't they the handiest thing though?! :) Mine's not all that pristine believe me. The pic doesn't show much of the damage on mine!

  5. For sure Pam they're the best gadgets any girl could want! Hope you're creating magic ;)

  6. I was just looking at one of those this week and wondering weather they really were worth it, mmm maybe yes.


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