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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Place & Yours: Through the Front Door - Take 2

Theme for this week's My Place and Yours is Through My Front Door.
We had this before when MPAY was living at the previous host's blog, so this time I thought I would show pics of what I see through the front door of my favourite studio.
I've also shown pics of my studio previously too, but my husband helped me change it all around over the Easter break and it's working much better and feels much better now.
Have you ever received that email with a piccie of a bunch of penquins standing around on the beach and the caption for it says "Someone always spoils the photo"??
So who's idiot husband decided he would spoil the photo this time? lol.
So I decided I'd leave his silly mug in, and publish it for the world to see!!

This is immediately as you come in the front door.....

.......and this swinging around to the left.

and of course two piles of the obligitory chenille.........naturally! :) (these are the ones I used to make the apple pinkeeps out of).

So if you'd like to join in or would love to get a squizz at what's through other bloggers front doors, pop over to Hello Owl .


  1. some husbands just beg for a little attention :)
    I love your drawers, I can just imagine what lovely crafty bits & bobs you have in there.

  2. Great studio, it would be fun to look inside all the drawers, I'm guessing we would find trims, trinkets, and treasures.

  3. I'm so in awe of your studio. And your husband is a crack-up! Also the doily bear you show in another post is just the most beautiful thing!
    I'm a follower! Wendy xx

  4. Wow, what a great space! I also love those drawers. I dream about finding a set one day! What a nice guy to rearrange for you!

  5. I love looking at others special creative spaces - always an inspiring adventure - and speaking of chenille - I finally found some and lashed out with 1/2 m of green, its in some of my pics I just put up - but I feel its so sacred I don't know yet what to create with it.


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