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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lucky me!!

Yay! Got my pinkeep (Fox's Lane pincushion swap) from my swap partner today ~ Cherry from Bright Red Cherries.
I'm really loving the style, colour and pattern on the fabric! Green is my fav colour. Cherry must have ESP!! lol. It's so sweet, and it's reversible too!

I think it's a bit funny actually with the colour thing, given how I had to make the decision about whether to send green or red to my partner, and Cherry's is both these colours. :)

Heaps of thanks, again, Cherry. x

and thanks again to Kate from Fox's Lane for doing a fab job of organising the whole swap!


  1. Oh I'm so glad you liked it! I had good fun making it. Yes I loved the fabric too and the vintage button matched perfectly.

  2. lucky girl, that's gorgeous and you definitely don't need to decide on the colour there.

  3. Oh lucky you! That is gorgeous, what a nice idea to make it reversable. Love those colours...and LOVE that sewing machine, looks great in the picture there...

  4. The variety of pincushions I am seeing from this swap are is the sewing machine in the background, Pam. Happy crafting, Jenny

  5. That is a great pin cushion, lucky you Pam!
    Thanks so much for playing and being such a great swapper.X

  6. ВАМ повезло, отличный подарок!!))Удачи!

  7. Lucky you indeed. That is one gorgeous pin cushion.

  8. And I love this pin cushion too. So many amazing pin cushions have been criss crossing the map as part of the swap. Fun! I'm doing the apron swap too.

  9. Love that name "pinkeeps". And they are so pretty, too!


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