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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Swap! and My Creative Space

So I'm doing that thing with two birds again(see last week's post!), that I won't mention, cos I still haven't found a better way to say it! :)
I've just joined up for The Great Apron Swap 2010 hosted by Sarah over at Red Gingham.
Oh my! This should be a lot of fun!
I love aprons!! I don't have a huge amount of them but I do have a little collection of retro/vintage/old ones.
Do you fancy joining in and getting a lovely little apron from someone, somewhere?? Pop over to see Sarah and check out the details.

So at the same time as posting and spreading the word about the swap, I'm creating My Creative Space for this week, hosted by Kootoyoo.

Some of the collection.
Trying to decide whether to use one of these as the base for a whole new one or to just make a new one from scratch, maybe using the recycled denim skirt or shorts! Oh dear decisions, decisions..... :)

Happy creating!


  1. another swap!! you are fabulous, looking forward to seeing more.
    I love aprons but hey, i don't think I could sew one for anyone else besides myself without it falling to bits :)
    have fun

  2. Oh I love this swap! I need to give it a bit of thought, my sewing skills are a little amateur to say the least...your collection is lovely!

  3. Your collection is lovely! I think I might just join in on this swap...sounds like fun :)

  4. I just signed up for the swap too... I'll be making something from my Enid Gilchrist book "Pinnies and Things".
    How exciting!
    Thanks so much for sharing the love.

  5. I joined that swap too! Love your collection of vintage aprons, beats mine!

  6. LOVE that collection of pinnies. Thanks for your recent personal e mail, it meant a lot.



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