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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Place & Yours

Theme for this week is "show me something you collect".
I've shown bits of my collections in previous posts here, with vintage chenille and suitcases/boxes/trunks.
But I have a few more as in.........

Retro tablecloths.....

Vintage embroidered tablecloths.........

Vintage cotton reels............

Doileys..........lots of them!
Actually I have more of them and tablecloths here and the studio.......somewhere! lol.

and I'm sure if I looked, I would find more collections, different ones..........around.
Ohh! here's another one!

Buttons & Buckles!!!!!!!!!! lol.

I'm definitely one of the club!

If you'd like to see more collections, (and who wouldn't?) please visit Danielle at Hello Owl.


  1. Your collections blow me away! LOVE those tablecloths..all of them!

  2. SOooooo Gorgeous! I forgot to include the linen ... isn't collecting the absolute best ... no matter what it is? ;))

  3. Serious envy of the tablecloths and doileys!

  4. Fabulous collections; we share similar collections in textiles. Right now, a portion of my apron collection is on display in our little county library.

  5. Love your tablecloths and doileys!

  6. what FABULOUS collections! LOVE it ALL! YES we collect the same intriguing!

    i always get a buzz when i meet a like-minded collector :)

  7. Go the Doileys! I love your collection.

  8. I have similar collections. I love the colors in vintage linens.

  9. Buttons, buttons, so very nice. I always wondered how it is to sell such small, miniature details? To be a detail seller... :)
    Detail collector looks nice :)

  10. With everyone collecting the same things, it is amazing there is anything left! I love all of your stuff, particularly the buttons.
    Thanks for leaving all the comments. I went into town yesterday, specifically to get that two sided stuff from Spotlight, and would you believe it, completely forgot it! (I actually got side tracked in an opshop)Will try again today. xxNick

  11. i haven't played since my place & yours left Vic's, i would have enjoyed this one.
    I purhased yet another...2 suitcases from the oppie today & my 4 year old said "mum, i don't think you are allowed to buy anymore suitcases" oops :)
    love the buttons!
    have a great easter lovely Pam


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