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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lucky Day!

Oh my, how lucky was I today??!
I got two wonderful things in the post today. The first was my swap parcel from Kim of Appleberry Farm. A few of us from The Chocolate Crow Trader had a swap amongst ourselves, and it was to make a box and a tag, then fill the box with whatever we wanted, handmade or bought.

The label Kim had printed out which covered the entire front of the box! The words are all curly and filled with little hearts. How sweet is that? lol.

She did such a brilliant job on the paintwork of this box! It's about 20cm (8") high.

........and this is what was in it! Three lovely little parcels......a bag of yummy smelling melts and a piece of fabric which will get used very quick smart! A really gorgeous set of painted and stressed wooden stack up blocks. The third was a piece of redwork embroidery in a lovely wooden frame.
Thanks so much to you again, Kim! I love it all so much!! x

I had a lot of fun making the swap I sent to Suzanne from Enchanted Things!

This the top of the box, which I had covered in old brown wrapping paper and then rubbed in boot polish and then buffed it. I really loved the look and feel of the finished effect. Bit like leather.

This is a pic of the contents minus a book on companion planting and a rolled up scrolly thing on pest control naturally. For some reason I forgot to put them in before I took the photo! Suze just loves her little piece of heaven which is her backyard. She has worked wonders in it with vegies etc. A true credit to her it is. That's a pic of her backyard garden on the inside of the lid. It looks amazing in colour shots.

Now the second wonderful thingy I received in the post was the mag Artful Blogging from Stampington. Laura and I bought ourselves a copy each through an ebay international seller and shared the postage, which makes it much cheaper than buying it from Borders here in Australia.
I may have mentioned before, ummm....many times, how much I LOVE all the publications from this publisher. If I could afford to buy them all, I think I would!! Ooh how extravagant! lol.

To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is . . . you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived. ~ Jonathan Livingston Seagull


  1. those swap gifts are so beautiful and generous - so much thought has gone into them

  2. Pam what great swap things ! I'd love to get that magazine one day too .

  3. Great day for you; doesn't it make life simply Better when good things happen?!

  4. What a nice idea! I love what you did to the box you gave away, looks great & those blocks you received - gorgeous!

  5. okay, minus the lack of the coffee, your weekend seems not too shabby ;)

    And that book looks great! Your blog is gorgeous so it must be working!

    I think I need to work on mine now!

  6. YAY for beautiful things.

  7. Both of those boxes are just wonderful, what a great idea for a swap!

  8. Thanks so much for visiting and your lovely comment AMIT.

  9. love this other profound quote! I'm trying to arrive I think :)



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