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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I've been doing a couple of things....

I'm a bit late getting the Chocolate Crow items up, and it's the changeover tomorrow. The theme for the month is Autumn Welcome or general items.

I haven't followed the theme this time and decided to go with this pinkeep in a little box. I had fun creating this one.

Joolz's little Autumn Harvest Mouse is such a sweetie hiding in his vintage sifter, don't you think?

.....and Clare has put up a really lovely ceramic jug of prim hearts.

This is my donation for the free monthly pattern. These pretty yo-yo (Suffolk Puff) flowers are so easy to make, and look great with a number of them grouped together in a vase or similar. I think they're just great cos they can be used for or on so many different things! Make yourself a brooch, put them on bags or cushions or even make a swag type affair with a lot of them joined up together. Or make a pinkeep just like this one I made last week.


I thought I would just mention here how clever I thought I was with this next bit of info! lol.
I needed some yarn for a project I was working on and stood and untangled the stuff for ages!

This is the sort of yarn I was using and if it's not rolled properly you can end up with a heap of knots. So I got to thinking that there must be a way I can prevent this problem in the future, and voila......this is what I came up with!
I know it's probably not an original idea, and I don't recall seeing it anywhere in my travels, but oh my, did I feel like a big clever clogs that day!!

.......and don't you think it's such a cool green idea? Re-using all those plastic food containers that seem to breed whenever you look away!

Just a tiny hole in the lid, roll up the yarn neatly and it's done.
Who knows, there may be one of you out there who hadn't thought of this either, and now you can have a little bit of organisation going on in your craft too!

Necessity, who is the mother of invention ~ Plato


  1. Aren't you a clever chook , great idea !

  2. Everything looks lovely Pam. Hope they sell.

  3. Hello,
    I just wanted to say what a clever idea that is....Love your blog...


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