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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bit of diversity

I thought it was about time to add some diversity to the products I sell in my online store, so I've been having some fun designing a small range of pendants made with domino and scrabble game tiles, and also bamboo tiles.

I've used small clip art, tissue & plain gift wrap, sheet music and vintage book pages. Then I added shell buttons, charms and beads.
I'll be adding them to my store within the next few days. It's a bit exciting really. :)


Images for you!!!

Thought I'd share a couple more images with you.

5 months old. What a cutie!

This doesn't look like it was about romance. But doesn't she look lovely and serene?

Please enjoy them.

A sign on the door of opportunity reads: PUSH


  1. Pam! They look really really good. Well done! J x

  2. They look great Pam. You've been busy!

  3. You like you have been having fun Pam! They look great...Suzanne

  4. Wonderful, and SO different............

    Love that saying about the door to opportunity.....


  5. I have just worked out why I can't play/win dominoes or scrabble anymore. Don't like my chances of getting the bits back.


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