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Monday, January 18, 2010

Some lovely vintage images for you!

I love to look through vintage photos and postcards and thought I'd share a couple with you that I picked up a few weeks ago on one of my secondhand/op shop runs with Joolz.

This first one is a small photo taken by Richard Keene, 52 High Street, Burton-on-Trent. Sometimes the backs of these photos can be almost as interesting as the photo itself! I should have taken a shot of the back of this one too I suppose.
I'm so loving this young woman, with her "almost" smile lighting up her face, making her much more relaxed looking than they usually were in those days!

This one is a postcard written to Polly by Walter. Obviously they were an item, judging by the message on the back, which is below. He had to squeeze his goodbye and kisses in upside down on the top, to fit it all in!
Such a sweet loving message. Look at all those kisses! Lucky girl, don't you think? :) I've never had one, anything like that, sent to me! (((sigh)))

Well, if you can use these in your project, please feel free. As I picked them up in the "public domain", I understand there should be no problem with copyright? Hope not anyhoo.


Remember a couple of posts ago I had a pic of our youngest cat sprawled along the top of the sofa?
Well, I've come to the conclusion that "weird" genes are definitely passed on in cats as well as other species of life on this planet!
I took this pic a day or two after the one of Kit. This is her mother, Puss, sprawled on the carpet in this way that is peculiar to both cats. Flat on the belly and both back legs straight out the back.
Our other older cat doesn't do this, but I have heard of others that do. Mother and daughter lie in this fashion quite a lot! So funny to see when they're both doing it, side by side.
We think it's amusing anyway! But doesn't take much to amuse us!

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  1. thx for sharing these Pam... they are lovely images

  2. What lovely pictures, I love reading things like this - very special.

  3. Oh Pam these are so precious! As much as I love electronic communication, I sometimes worry that these lovely momentos of happy times won't be replicated with this current generation of 'lotharios'! Thank you for your sweet comments over @ The Hedge today, delighted you enjoyed the guest room pics.
    Millie ^_^

  4. What a great find Pam. It's a wonder they weren't snapped up before you got there. Love the cat pose.

  5. Aren't pets just wonderful? They keep us so entertained.

  6. These cards are lovely, makes you wonder if Polly and Walter ended up a lovely old couple together! On another note, have been reading your lovely blog and have been admiring all those fantastic vintage cases...might have a mild case of case envy!

  7. Hi Pam, Isn't it sad when you see these photos in a shop to buy? I recently found a whole box at an antique shop - and while I took pity on them and the memories of the people within, they were a little pricey, so I spent at least 20 mins picking which ones to buy - not sure where they'll end up but I love them. You're lucky to get some info on yours all mine were blank on the back.


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