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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New meme theme and last edition of The Chocolate Crow for the year.

I haven't been making very much in the way of crafty things lately except for my items for the last edition of The Chocolate Crow Trader for the year, which is out now. "Other things in life" can really eat into the time that we would love to be creating, can't it?
I've put up two for this month, and they're both rather "primmie".

I'm quite pleased with this little Kitty Pinkeep. Very simple, but cute with it. Everybody should have a pinkeep or two! :-)

.......and this basket of prim fruit and vege. Corn, apples and a tiny pumpkin.
I've also donated the giveaway for this month too. A prim black cat in his basket with a little woolen blanket.

Joolz has created a sweet little pink elephant called Lilly, using a pattern that I designed. Awww! Doesn't she look lovely?


The new theme for the meme for this week, from Meet Me at Mike's, is ~Just Five Minute's Peace.~ The theme queen this time is Draw Pilgrim and she says:

where do you retreat to for that sanity-regaining break? i am interested in what or where in your home your sanctuary is.

Well my retreat space would have to be this little green chair down in my studio. I have changed my studio around a little since the last time I had pics of it up on here, and this is now my little reading and retreating corner. :)

I can go down to my place when I need to be by my cherished magazines, listen to my music, watch my little box and just try to block out as much of the world as I can......for a while anyway.

I do love my little green chair, but, I would dearly love to get myself one of those Ooh so comfy vintage Genoa armchairs to sink down and back into......siiiiiigghh.... Just imagine all the comforting and curling up and dreaming I could do in one of those!! :)) Oooooooh yes.

If you'd like to take a look at other bloggers' places for 5mins of peace, just visit the list at Meet me at Mike's here.

Dreams are made of fragile things. Butterfly breath and Dragonfly wings.


  1. what a nice little corner to retreat to! :)

    thanks for playing along with my theme this week

  2. Great makes and glad you have somewhere to retreat to. Everyone needs somewhere like that, especially at this time of year!

  3. Sweet Chair pam, can see you sitting there dreaming the day away!!!

  4. OMG! The black cat in the basket is a dead ringer for my own little moggie - Joseph! Had to look twice!! All very gorgeous as usual Pam!

  5. I love your chair! The printed curtain you have behind is gorgeous too, how nice to have your own little studio to get away - perfect...

  6. Thanks so much to you all for your comments. Sorry so late to respond but way behind with lots of things at the mo! :) x


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