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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A bit of whimsy.....

I've been playing around with a little bit of whimsy the last couple of days, and had a wonderfully creative time doing it! Why does inspiration and creativity come so easily and quickly sometimes? At rare moments? When a lot of the time it can take quite some thought and preparation?

This little treasure was one of the easy times. I decided I wanted to do something for my own enjoyment, and not necessarily something I thought I should do to put up on the selling site. Something that someone would want to buy.

So I knew I wanted to do another little bird assemblage. I looked through my stock of boxes and tins, and found this little box with a shelf and a door. Yep that was it! I was off! :)
Unlike my usual MO, I just went where my muse(?) took me. A couple of times I had to fight my restrictive thoughts to stay outside the square, but I managed to do things that I liked the look of and not what I thought others may like.
Yay! Pat on the back for me.
And because I love the way it looks, I'm putting it up in my store to sell, here.


Talking about whimsy......and maybe a little kitch-y........... I found this on one of my forays to local op shops, with Joolz, a few weeks ago and just couldn't resist! lol.
Can you believe that someone, some time ago, took the time to crochet this adorable little gem, little teapot and all!!??
I've filled the pot with some toyfill so it sits up for you to see better. It even has a little lid with a tiny knob! I've no idea where I'll put it or what I can do with it, but I'll think of something. :))

Well after that posting, I couldn't think of a better way to end it than to wish everyone of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with a heap of whimsy & kitch to keep you smiling all year!
I wish you happiness and hope you find all your dreams fulfilled.

SEE YOU ALL IN 2010!!!!

One by one, we can be the better world we wish for. ~ Kobi Yamada


  1. OMG Pam, we found one of those teapot doileys for my sister a few years back,and I have been searching for one ever since........I LOVE lucky, lucky, lucky girl to find HNY to you...xx

  2. I love how your little cabinet turned out. Very cute! And that teapot doily is so sweet!
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Carla: Thanks for your visit and comment Carla. Sorry I haven't been round to your blog for a while, but blogging hasn't really been on top of the list for a little while. But I hope to fix that next year! :^)

    Suze: Well, how would you be!! Talk about coincidences. It's yours. :) I knew I'd work out what to do with it. I'll post it off next week.
    .....and a truly HNY to you too! See you in chat next year! lol. Hugs. x

    Debi: Thank you so much Debi. Not a patch on your work, but I'm happy with it! All the best for 2010 for you also. Hope we continue our keyboarding across the miles for a long while to come. x

  4. Great cabinet and as for the doiley................... :O))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  5. Happy New Year!!
    The creativity bug is out and biting!! Well it has its teeth in me, and you as well by the looks!!
    Gorgeous little birdy box!! And i can see how you couldnt go past the doiley!! Some one, at some time, was very creative to have thought up that one!
    Happy creating!!

  6. It looks lovely Pam!
    I've been enjoying a bit of creating too and if the visitors would stop visiting I would get it finished enough for a show and tell!!!!
    Still, that is what holidays are all about, isn't

  7. The little bird house is such fun! Well done you!
    Thank you for visiting my place, and here's wishing you and yours all the best in the year coming.


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