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Monday, October 19, 2009

On the Shelf?

Do you know what a meme is? I didn't!! Until I looked it up here. Well I've joined one on Hello, Meet me at Mike's, and this week we have to show something that's On the Shelf.
For me it's cats. Couldn't decide which cat to show, so you get two. :)
I've always been a bit of a soft touch with my cats and am always trying to make life "nice" for them, and consequently they get corners of screens folded back so they can come and go whenever they like, corners cut out of the bottoms of doors for the same reason, bamboo screens folded across the open front porch at night so they can sit out there enjoying the sights without being disturbed by nasty "looking for a fight" neighbours cats! You get the idea? How soft is that then? So they also have "shelves" on the back deck and front porch so they can lounge around enjoying the sun or the shade.

This is Pushka, my oldest lovely who is about 7 years.

This is Kit, not yet 12 months. She is the kitten that I posted about in an earlier posting. We decided we'd like to keep her. She is much more grown up now! A real sweety.

Hope you enjoyed my pics for this meme. Stay tuned for next week's theme.

Or you could always visit Mike's blog and join in yourself! :)

CAT: a pygmy lion, who loves mice, hates dogs, and patronises human beings.
~ Oliver Herford


  1. So cute but cats always suck me in !

  2. They really know how to work us don't they?! Our two have the very same style of luxury here. But, it's worth every minute!

  3. This sounds like fun Pam. I think I'll join in.

  4. Pam, THANKS for that, I had read the word "meme" quite a few times over the past few months and didn't know either.

    Lovely cats! Ours has sauntered in after his usual night out and will spend the day on the settee. :O)

  5. Our pets are so good at 'ruling' us aren't they? And they're good enough to make us actually enjoy it!

  6. Thanks so much for all your comments girls! They are so appreciated.
    Think we can all be assured that cats are probably smarter than we are??? lol. xxx

  7. Hi Pam! Thanks for the links to those sites you gave me. I appreciate it.

    Your Pushka kitty looks like my Tabitha, although mine has longer fur. Is yours a tortoiseshell kitty?


  8. they are soo cute, no wonder they get away with things. cats do that though, they nestle up next to you & you can't help it :)

  9. Andrea: You're very welcome Andrea.
    Yes I did think they both looked alike when I saw your kitty on your blog! She is a tortoiseshell, yes. My photo shows her darker than she is though.

    Cathie: Thanks so much for visiting for the first time.
    and nope I definitely can't help it! :o)

  10. i'm a cat lover too and i know exactly what you mean!! two felines have a huge outdoor enclosure and of course they have the run of the house as well!!..and i LOVE 'em to bits!!


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