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Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello! Meet me at Mike's beside the bed!

The meme theme for My Place and Yours at Meet me at Mike's this week is "Bedside". So here are three pics of what's beside my bed.
Nothing too exciting believe me! This is my side of the bed, and I've been wanting to change to this "bedside table" for an age, but just haven't made the time for the change around. Cos it meant swapping and dragging and changing things around. But the meme theme this week has motivated me into just doing it! Given that I have a wee obsession with old suitcases or ports, I had plenty to play with. :)

I think my walls could do with a little more something on them. Not sure what yet though. The frame you can see on the left of the shot (not very clearly) is a colour pencil drawing that was done my my dad, when he was alive, which is looking worse for wear. I'm now 53 and I think it was done well before I was born.

On top you can see a folk art painting of some sunflowers that I did back in 1999!! I had a wacky idea of doing out each bedroom in the theme of a different flower years ago, and even though thoses themes have long gone, this painting has stayed, mainly because the quilt cover on the bed has sunflowers on it too! Will get rid of that one day.......some day! One wonders sometimes where one's brain was vacationing when these decorating ideas manifest!! But I like the painting anyway.
You can also see a glass of water (a must-have for thirsty moments during the night), a fan (for the hot moments that I am prone to these days/nights!), lip balm, small bees wax candle(who knows why!), a very cute biro(just cos I love the velvet violets stuck to the end of it), tissues(why not) and a book that has been laying there for months (the number of which I've lost count of!) waiting for me to start reading when I finally get around to going to bed at a decent hour! Hahaha! Big joke that! Reading this book is something I probably really need to do, if you can see the title of it! The only thing organised around here is my studio. But hey, is that a problem? Nup, not from where I'm standing/sitting/lying! lol.

Don't you just love that look of old cases? So vintagey(it's a word in Pam's dictionary) and characterful.

I have done some work!!

I haven't done a great deal of sewing or craft or art the last couple of weeks since I finished my Chocolate Crow items, but have managed to run up these three Christmas stockings from some of the chenille that is now overflowing from my studio! :) They're not quite finished, about half way there.
In between stuff that really needed doing around the house, making houses and enclosures for a mother cat and her kittens and a heap of work for the new blog store and winding down the web site, I haven't managed a lot of time to create. I'm hoping the change that this week.

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains. As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have ART, today is beautiful! ~ from an article about Kay Tangner


  1. Love the old suitcases for a bedside table. That's what I use on my side of the bed at our cabin.
    Your Christmas stockings are cute. The colors are fun and I love the chenille.

  2. Stay with the suitcases - they are fab!

  3. Those suitcases are great! Wonderful vintage items. And they make a very individual bedside table.

  4. I am with you on your love of old suitcases. I have cases and trunks. I LOVE thos chenille stockings........ the pointy toes are wonderful, like pixie socks!

  5. Oh don't change your bedside table..its lovely. Talk about vintage..until 5 years ago my husband was still taking one like that on holiday!

  6. It all looks great Pam and you know I love the Vintage suitcases whereever they are used. The stockings are sweet, well done!

  7. I love the cases and especially the stockings. make sure you show us when they are finished!


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