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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blog HQ

The meme theme this week for My Place and Yours, is Blog Headquarters, and was chosen by Ninon. In other words where ever it is I blog from, and that would be the room we now call The Office. Very officious don't you think? :o)
My husband and I share the room and both have our own pooters, printers and filing/storage areas which includes a three drawer filing cabinet. Very civilised, yes?
But of course I'm only going to show my side of it all. After all he doesn't even blog!!! lol.

I have the best seat in the room of course....beside the window.
That desk that all my things are on is a beautiful big old silky oak one that belongs to my mum.

I suppose the desk is usually as tidy as it looks here. But only cos I put any mess behind me on the filing cabinet! lol. I hate trying to work the mouse around any clutter.

And this is the view out the window to our backyard. Nice to be able to see it whenever I'm working on the blog or the store.

Below is a pic of the finished chenille stockings from the previous post. Don't suppose they look too bad......

Ooh... Have to go now. I hurt my back earlier in the week and sitting here too long is very uncomfortable.

The time is now, the place is here. Live the time and place! ~ Robert Eyre


  1. i've got a lovely oak desk too!..lucky you to be able to view the garden thru a nearby window!

  2. thank you for playing along! I agree that your desk is very nice :)

  3. Pam: aren't you just soooooo tidy!!???? :O) Chenille socks looking great! x

  4. Very tidy - and so much space!- even if you do have to share it ;)

  5. You two are so cute with your side by side work stations! Thanks for showing us where it all happens! x

  6. Lovely spot . I hope your back improves quickly .

  7. Pam, your desk is beautiful! And how nice to have the seat by the window.
    I'm sorry to hear about your back...take care of yourself. I hope you're good as new very soon!
    Hugs, Debi

  8. Lovely spot by the window! Hope your back feels better soon.

  9. nice to see where people spend most of their time. my desk is pretty messy most of the time & that's why i thought I'd better not participate with this one :)
    hope your back is better soon ♥


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