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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Looks as though I might have to take back the comment in my previous post about Winter being over here!! Oops! lol. Well, yes it is over coz today is the first day of Spring here in Australia, but the last three days have been COLD!!!! So........Spring has sprung definitely. But as I get older I seem to prefer the cold than the hot.

Even though I feel as though I have been really busy sewing, I don't know that I have all that much to show for it. [Do you ever have times where someone asks you what you've been up to lately, and you know you've not been sitting around on your butt the whole time, but do you think you can tell them what you've actually been doing. Your mind goes blank????!!!!] Mmmmm.
But anyhoo I'll show you what I can. Apart from what I did for Chocolate Crow (see previous post), I made these two cuties to help fill the table at the Brisbane Doll and Bear Show a couple of weekends ago. They were quick and easy to make and made up from the ever present chenille!! :)
The next two pics are very close-up sneak peeks at two "critters" I've made up (well almost finished anyway) to take photos of to send off to one of our craft magazines for maybe publishing in one of their issues next year! How cool is that!!?? The editor is interested in both of them, but I'm not too sure whether she wants both or one. I just wasn't sure if I should show you the full photo here before she sees them first. It will mean me having to write up the pattern as well. As you can see they are both made from the faithful chenille! lol. The idea behind it is something along the lines of recycling etc.

This last one is the results of me finally succumbing to Halloween in a "prim" way!! I told myself I wasn't going to bother making anything for Halloween for Chocolate Crow for next month because I haven't ever sold any in the past.
But this time I thought I would try making something much more primitive than I would normally, to see if this does the trick in attracting the attention of one of the shoppers to the site. Fingers crossed, wish me luck!!
Do you know, I really do quite like Agatha the Witch. I am becoming more amazed, as time goes by, at how eclectic my tastes in art/craft have become. I love so many styles these days from Vintage to Primitive, Country to Mixed Media/Altered Art, Shabby to Contemporary. Go figure! :)

A sign on the door of opportunity reads: PUSH


  1. Hi Pam. You certainly have been busy. All of you finished projects look amazing.

  2. Lots of busy stuff happening here . Love the cats .

  3. Love your little creatures - and great to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x

  4. Thank you ladies, so much for your lovely comments. I just love it when people come to visit me! :)

  5. Your chenille pussy cats are VERY cute Pam! We feel the same way about Halloween, neither Marion or I decorate for it and we don't feel inclined to make much for it BUT saying that we have had very good Halloween sales, in the past.But sometimes you just feel the urge to try something a bit different and witchified.

  6. Limping along still........ but still here in the background. Lovely work. Just lovely. Hope to get my blog back eventually. :O) x

  7. Christina: Yes! That's exactly how it was this time! Hence Agatha Witch. Lol.

    Cathy: Thanks! Have sent you an e mail.


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