My whole life is an experiment . . . sometimes I get surprising results. - C Erdmann

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well I have a touch of the dreaded lurgy and that's what the sound that comes from my mouth sounds like. :) But I'll be fine soon. I've bought some herbals from our local health shop (which, I might add, I'm positive tastes like poison!), and that usually does the trick whenever we get a cold or sore throat. Which isn't very often, I'm pleased to say. So I'm going to be kind to myself this week-end and take it very easy.

Only have 2 pics of one thing to share this post. Remember the two sneak peeks from the previous post? These are both of the one that got away! lol. The other one will be used for the magazine but not until next year. Meet Efelant. Such a cutie, and I have put him up on the site already. Unlike the first pink elephant I made, I haven't stained or put mending patches or stitches on Efelant. Not sure whether to leave him as is or do all this to give him that aged look. I'll have a think about it and decide later.
He's sewn from a vintage bedspread that I've been calling chenille, but it's not the normal sort of chenille. It's unusual isn't it? Baubly is how I've been describing it. Quite stretchy for a cotton and a much finer weave than other chenilles.
I've also used old doileys for the inside of his ears. Pretty.

Still haven't managed to fit in much play time for what I love to do most......mixed media. I'm just itching to make a collage or a free-sewing piece. Just maybe, as part of my "be kind to myself" resolve, I'll do some this week-end! As long as I can finish a couple of projects that have to be done first. Hmmmm.......

My whole life is an experiment . . . sometimes I get surprising results. ~ C. Erdmann


  1. Who says you have to be careful when you start seeing 'pink elephants'?! He's a bit gorgeous - though I am rather fond of his hat!!

  2. Hi Pam, thank for your compliment on my blog too! Yeah, did a bit of research before I was happy to use the palm wax in my candles. My suppliers are pretty good with things like that. Hope having a great weekend!

  3. Hi Pam, Nice chenille! Thanks for the intro to Julie. All done and delivered thanks to you!. I notice your cupboard is full too!

  4. The lurgy.......hope you didnt catch it off me from the chat room the other your voice comes back soon, mine did, much to my childrens disgust...x

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous little Elephant. Love that unusual fabric Pam. Have started a replacement blog. Don't know if it will show in your side bar or whether the original one will stay there unless you delete it??!!??? Anyway, thanks for becoming one of the first followers on the new version. Hopefully be back up to speed when I can catch up on the "stuff" I lost on old laptop. x

  6. Miriam: Yes it is nice chenille. Unusual.
    You're welcome re Julie. She's happy! :)
    Very full. Can never have enough, is my motto! :)

    Suze: Nah probably got it from Chris! lol. I didn't lose my voice fortunately. x

    Cathy: Thanks, he turned out better than I thought he would.
    Have been into your blog and left a comment. Won't be long before you're back to normal! :) x

  7. Hope you're on the mend Pam. I've been lucky so far to avoid anything this year, still keeping everything crossed though as it's still very cold & Wintery down here (even for Autumn).
    Millie ^_^

  8. Thanks Millie. I am a bit better today. It seems to be taking a little longer to get rid of than I thought.


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