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Monday, September 14, 2009

All done!

Just thought I'd do a quick post before I take off up to my sister's place for a couple of days. I hadn't realised how long it had been since I've done a post!! 9 days!!! Well....I have had a cold and have been soooo tired because of it. (Good enough excuse???) :) Then on top of that, I've been flat out trying to get all my items finished for the Chocolate Crow. For some reason known only to my subconcious, I decided to make three this month instead of the one (since Joolz and Clare have started sharing The Crow with me). Everything went well until I started on my third item, which I might add, I figured would be the easiest and quickest!!!!! Nuh-uh.... So with the cold, visitors for one day, a cat going into labour and another cat with a urinary infection, this item ended up being the hardest and longest to make. LOL. I was way overdue with it (really sorry once again Chris), but it did finally get there in time.
As well as Agatha the Witch who's pic is in a previous post, I have put up this Witch Mannequin (pattern from Hudson's Holidays) and

this large box of Halloween "stuff".
I bought some graphics from Seneca Pond and EweNmePrintables and made up tags, hanging ornaments and some postcards. Then I dressed up the box inside and out. Despite the hassles with the whole thing, I did really enjoy doing it. All that mixed media......

When I get back from visiting my sister I thought I would have a go at a tutorial ~Creating a Bird's Nest Assemblage~ that I got from The Feathered Nest. Looking forward to that!
Ok, that's it. I have to fly now. So much to do before I leave. I'm taking my camera with me so that I can snap anything worth putting up here on the blog.
Talk soon.

Without a plan, procrastination is useless. ~ Unknown


  1. Despite your cold you have been very productive Pam . Have a lovely visit with your sister , take care .

  2. Wow Pam! You've had your hands full!!
    I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...I hope you're better now.
    Love your wonderful projects! They're so pretty!
    Have a great time with your sister. My sister and I are leaving town on Tues for a few days. Aren't sisters soooo much fun to spend time with?
    Have fun!
    Hugs, Debi

  3. Pam..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That box looks will sell that in no time...I just know it............
    Well done.......
    Enjoy your break.....and I guess you will be needing more cat food now?

  4. Look after yourself. Those cats are keeping you busy. Ours is in the "black books" because we have a mouse loose and he has done nothing to catch it. :O)

  5. Clare: Yes I have been a bit busy hey? I did enjoy the visit with my sister thanks.

    Debi: Nice to hear from you again Debi. Glad you like my things. Sounds like you might have a much more productive (read that as spending!! hehe) time with your sis though! You have a great time too. x

    Suze: Thanks Suze. But yours look waaaaaaay betterer!! and they've already sold!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky you.
    You're not wrong about that cat food though. But unfortunately mum puss has to go, coz we're only allowed to have two cats these days, and we want to keep her first kitty.

    Cathy: Oh poor wee puss. Have you taken him out of the cupboard yet???? lol.

  6. Thank you for featuring my tags and mentioning my website.

    You have a gorgeous blog. I've added you to the list of my favorite blogs and I'm following you now too. (do you feel like you're being stalked) LOL

    Seriously though.... great stuff here. Glad to have found you!


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